When to go to Venice

Venice travel is enchanting and memorable virtually any time of the year. As you make your decisions about when to travel to Venice, you will want to factor in a couple of considerations, including prices of airfare and accommodations, and the amount of tourist traffic during a given time of the year. In recent years, Venice has ranked amongst the top 30 most frequently visited cities in the world, averaging around 50,000 tourists a day when all is said and done. The peak tourist travel season in Venice is from June through September, as well as the ten-day period in February prior to Lent when the Carnevale season kicks into full swing.

Venice Travel
Venice Travel

The weather also determines many travelers' decisions for when to embark upon Venice travel. January is cold and wet and may give you the opportunity to experience the “aqua alta” period, when the rain waters bring a layer of flooding from the lagoon into the streets and toe paths of the city. On the other hand, the summer months are virtually perfect in terms of weather, but there is much more to deal with in terms of tourist congestion, and it is much more expensive to travel to and stay in Venice during these months. Many people who visit during the winter do not complain at all about the rainy season, and in fact consider it to be a unique experience. Also, it is not uncommon for the prices of Venice hotels and travel to be up to 50 percent off what they would be during busier, peak months. So, in determining the best time to go to Venice, it becomes a matter of determining what factors are the most important to you. Would you rather tangle with tourists in the peak season or travel cheaper in a less crowded environment in the off season months? The good news is that it does not necessarily have to be one way or the other.

Venice Italy Weather Map
Venice Italy Weather Map

As you decide when to travel to Venice, consider the fact that from October through April, although the weather is not quite as consistent or nice, the city experiences far less congestion and maintains a much greater sense of tranquility than when the hordes of tourists descend upon this popular destination in the middle of the summer months. In October, November, and December, the temperature has not yet begun to significantly taper off too much, and the daytime is warm and enjoyable. Couple this with the fact that you will be saving money simply because of the time of year you chose for your Venice travel, and you are well on your way to an amazing vacation wherein you have plenty of time and budget to enjoy the city of Venice the way it should be enjoyed, at a leisurely and relaxed pace.

For people who cannot stand cold weather at all, the best time to go to Venice is definitely not January and February. Although temperatures during the days of these months can crawl up into the 50s, it gets very cold at night. You’re probably starting to see that when to travel to Venice largely depends on what factors equal a happy and pleasant vacation for you. Continue to do your research in advance so you can decide the best time to go to Venice for you.

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