Vernazza Hotels

Vernazza is a quiet village on the Italian Riviera that is full of old colorful buildings, narrow alleyways, and one of a kind shopping and dining. The focal point of Vernazza is its rocky harbor, where small boats can be found heading to the nearby villages of Monterosso and Corniglia. There are a number of small Vernazza hotels, pensions, and bed and breakfasts available within walking distance of the sea. If you’re planning on staying in a Vernazza bed and breakfast or hotel, it’s recommended that you book your room months in advance of your trip.

B&B Gemmy

One option for a Vernazza bed and breakfast is the B&B Gemmy. The B&B Gemmy is located in a quiet narrow street of Vernazza, away from the train station where most of the activity in Vernazza is. The Vernazza bed and breakfast has a small number of single and double rooms available, each with a writing desk, and a dresser. Bathrooms are shared with the other guests. The highlight of the B&B Gemmy is the breakfast of fresh jams, bread, meat, and juice that is served daily in the communal dining room or outside in a sunny terrace. The bed and breakfast is just a short walk away from the Mediterranean Sea and a network of Cinque Terre hiking trails that connect the village to the four other villages.

Tre Terrazzi

Vernazza Hotels - Tre Terrazzi
Vernazza Hotels - Tre Terrazzi

Another option for a Vernazza Bed and Breakfast is Tre Terrazzi, which is located in central Vernazza. Tre Terrazzi's price suggests higher quality, and that's exactly what you get. The single and double rooms are decorated with simple white furnishings and have views of the nearby sea as well as vineyards where famous Cinque Terre wine is produced. This Vernazza accommodation has four outdoor terraces that are ideal for relaxing after a day of sightseeing. It's right over the sea however, so days of heavy sea can result in wet terraces. The views here are simply incredible, and the owners of the bed and breakfast are more than happy to share a meal with you on the terraces. Tre Terrazzi is the only bed and breakfast that provides this kind of view with their morning meal.

Many of the options for Cinque Terre accommodations are pensions, or small hotels or boarding houses that are advertised less than your typical hotel. A Vernazza pension is similar to a hotel, yet smaller and less private. A Vernazza pension might enforce a nightly curfew or have strict rules about who you let in as a visitor. Although overseas visitors might not be used to these differences, they are quite standard in Italy. If you're concerned about what the rules are, contact the pension you wish to stay at well in advance to discuss the expectations. One option for a Vernazza pension is Eva's Rooms. Located near the main square of Vernazza, this Vernazza accommodation is air conditioned and offers rooms with single or double beds. Although the furnishings of the Vernazza accommodation are modern, the interior exposes some colorful brick that is original to the structure. Each room has a large window and a private bathroom.

Vernazza Rooms

If you're looking for Vernazza hotels right on the harbor, look no further than Vernazza Rooms. The location of Vernazza Rooms is what truly makes it stand out among other Vernazza hotels. The hotel is right next to the watch towers of the Castle of Doria, where townspeople once guarded the village from intruders. No two rooms are alike in the hotel. Some of the rooms are large enough to fit a large family, while others barely have enough space for two people. A few of the rooms have a balcony.

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