Verona Airport Hotels

Verona airport hotels are among the most convenient options for a vacation in this part of Italy. After securing airfare and choosing some attractions to visit, one of the biggest decisions left to make is about hotels, and some travelers find this overwhelming. In Italy there are more choices than in other places: hostels, pensiones, luxury hotels, villas, and more. Visitors can choose between vacation rentals or hotels with every imaginable amenity. However, sometimes travelers are forced to look for accommodation for practical reasons, and you can’t go wrong with one of these. In particular, if you have an early morning flight, you might want to look into Verona Airport hotels. These affordable options will make sure you arrive at the airport on time for your flight.

While hotels near the Verona Italy Airport aren’t the most romantic hotels in town, they are usually affordable. Some travelers looking for cheap hotels in Verona wind up staying in accommodation near the airport. The plus side is that these hotels are comfortable, clean, and are used to catering to an international clientele. The downside to Verona Airport hotel is that you won’t walk straight out into a historic square and sit down next door for a coffee, but if you don’t mind getting transportation into the city, it might be worth it to save money if you’re traveling on a budget.

Whatever reason makes you choose hotels near Verona Italy Airport, you will have a few to choose from. These hotels are often rated on a star system, but don’t depend only on this information. Reading reviews from fellow travelers online is one way to get the most up to date information. This extra research could result in avoiding Verona Airport hotels that are under construction or could use refurbishment. A few hotels to check out include Hotel West Point, Hotel Saccardi Quadrante Europa, or Hotel Antares. All three offer good, clean rooms at reasonable rates and cover all the basic amenities.

Some travelers automatically think of chain hotels when they think of hotels near Verona Italy Airport. If you prefer to stay with a brand name that you trust, instead of an independently owned hotel near the airport, you will have a few choices as well. The Best Western Hotel Antico Termine is one example. This hotel also offers one of the best amenities an airport hotel can offer: free shuttle service to and from the airport. This amenity often convinces travelers to choose a hotel that offers shuttle services. If you have ever experienced frustration over waiting for a taxi that never came, this shuttle service will seem attractive.

Beyond airport hotels, there are many other types of accommodation in Verona. If you make last minute plans to attend one of the popular seasonal events, such as the opera festival at the Verona Arena, you might find yourself stuck with no option but the airport hotels. However, if you plan in advance, there are many charming affordable hotels within the town, as well as luxury options and boutique hotels if you have a little extra room in your budget. No matter what accommodation you choose, you are sure to fall for the ancient Roman attractions, beautiful churches, and variety of museums that Verona has to offer.

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