Verona Italy Apartments

Verona Italy apartments are a must if your dream Italy vacation includes waking up in a historic city in your own apartment. While there are many options for charming bed and breakfasts, luxury hotels, and even hostels, choosing apartment rentals in Verona will deliver a different type of experience. Rentals provide extra space, the convenience of a kitchen to prepare some of your own meals, and are located right in the center of the historic city. If you want to experience life as a local, there is no better way than to live like a local and rent a holiday apartment.

There are many reasons to consider Verona holiday apartments for your upcoming trip. If you are traveling in a group to attend the opera festival at the ancient Roman amphitheatre, or another annual event, having extra living space is sure to enhance your experience. Instead of breaking up your group into several hotel rooms, why not rent an apartment? You are likely to save money and also have extra space. During major events, the best Verona Italy apartments are booked up just as quickly as the best hotels. This should tell travelers that the apartments offer a special experience.

Apartment rentals in Verona are especially a good deal if you’re staying for more than a few days. Visitors looking for a weekend apartment might not be able to bargain much on the price of the stay, but if you’re staying for a week or longer, many owners will bargain with you on the price. This is another bonus of choosing Verona holiday apartments over hotels: the ability to bargain. Hotel prices are typically set in stone, but if you’re looking to rent an apartment, you might be able to name your own price. Many budget travelers use this tactic instead of crowding into a dorm room of a hostel.

The best part about Verona Italy apartments is that they offer close proximity to all the best attractions. While some hotels are located on the outskirts of the city, most apartment rentals are right in the historic center. In the morning you can wake up and start your day with a cornetto and cappuccino at the local café before heading out to check out the Duomo, Juliet’s House, or the Arena di Verona. It is also possible to choose apartments by their location. If you want to be close to Piazza delle Erbe or the Roman Theatre, this is possible. The only drawbacks to apartment rentals in Verona are no maid service, and you will have to make your own bed and reuse towel and linens.

By choosing Verona holiday apartments, you might have extra room in your budget for fun excursions. Check out the beautiful shores of Lake Garda, explore the wineries of Valpolicella, or even take a walking tour of Verona to get to know the city more intimately. There are many websites that offer these apartment rentals, and be sure to read reviews from your fellow travelers before committing to a place. Two things are essential before agreeing to rent: you must see pictures and read reviews. If both of these are satisfactory, than go ahead and enjoy your new apartment in the center of historic Verona!

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