Verona Car Rentals

Verona car rentals are easy, fast, and an efficient way to get around this part of the Veneto region. Whether you decide to arrive by plane or train, Verona will have a car option that will suit you. Hiring a car is an ideal option to explore not only Verona, but also the surrounding mountainous areas. Verona car hire makes travel to Lake Garda, Valpolicella, Brescia, and the rest of Northern Italy quite easy and allows visitors to travel at their own pace.

If you are flying into one of the Verona airports from abroad, or even from another city in Italy, you will find it easiest to book your Verona car rentals at the airport. The booking widget on this page allows visitors to book in advance, and they can pick their cars up almost as soon as they get off the plane. This allows for ease in traveling, as you do not have to worry about booking transportation to get to the Verona car hire.

Numerous international car rental companies operate in Verona and the surrounding Northern Italy region. Hertz, Avis, Budget, and Alamo all offer discount prices on Verona car hire and operate out of the main Verona airport. You can pick up your car when you arrive and either return the vehicle back at the airport when you are finished or to another location, which is helpful if you want to keep a car for only part of your trip to Verona. Whatever you choose, make sure to check if the VAT (European tax) is included in your Verona car hire or you will find some extra Euros added on to your bill.

Verona car rentals can also be found through various vacation packages, many of which bundle hotels, attractions, and sometimes even flights into a flat fee. Even if you don’t book a full package, it’s often possible to get a car hire discount when you book your Verona hotel, so don’t discount a car rental from your budget without checking. Although you can try to bargain for a lower price at the airport, this is a risky move, as you’re not guaranteed to get a cheap rate and you may find that there are no cars available to begin with.

One of the best things about a Verona car rental is the freedom to travel at your own speed. If you are planning a day trip to a nearby town such as Soave, it’s possible to take the journey via public transportation, but if you don’t want to be bound to the bus schedule or you’d rather take a meandering journey, then a car hire is perfect. The cities around Lake Garda, such as Malcesine and Torbole, are popular destinations for a relaxing getaway, and what better way to relax than traveling at your own perfect pace?

Driving in Northern Italy can be a great part of your trip, but keep in mind that the Italians drive quite fast and the majority of the roads are not that large. They do not have six-lane highways and turn-only lanes. Italy is a country steeped in history and the roads are laid out in the same way, including Verona. Drive safely and pay attention to your surroundings, and you’re sure to have an amazing Italian getaway.

Image: jeffwilcox (flickr)
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