Verona Italy Churches

Verona Italy Churches
Verona Italy Churches

Verona Italy churches might not be the first thing travelers think of when they envision the city. Verona is famous for its Roman amphitheatre and annual opera festival, but there are also plenty of other attractions that make the trip worthwhile. As you could expect from any destination in Italy, Verona churches make up some of the most beautiful, intricate attractions in the city. While visiting the Verona Duomo, Sant' Anastasia Verona, and San Zeno Maggiore are all essential stops, don’t forget about other attractions as well, including the house and tomb of Juliet, Romeo’s house, local museums, and maybe even a trip to Lake Garda. This area of Italy might not be as well known as Rome or Venice, but from the moment you arrive, you’ll wonder what took you so long to visit Verona.

The first thing to know about Verona is that many attractions are closed on Mondays. You might also want to invest in a Verona card, which grants access to Verona Italy churches and can also be used for public transportation including buses. If you only have time to see one church, it must be the Verona Duomo, the local cathedral. While this is considered the most notable church in Verona, others including Sant’ Anastasia Verona and San Zeno Maggiore are all stunning as well. Expect a mix of architectural styles, from Romanesque to Gothic and more.

Some local experts might argue that the Duomo isn’t the famous church in Verona, but rather than San Zeno Maggiore wins this category. Located outside the city walls, this church is a fantastic example of Romanesque architecture, and was built in honor of Verona’s patron saint. Built in the twelfth century, this church has a palpable historic presence. It is worth the three euro admission charge to see this church and its appealing features including twelfth century frescoes, the Rose Window, and the main doors covered in bronze paneling. Both inside and out, this church will be a feast for the eyes.

While there are many more Verona Italy churches to choose between, another favorite is Sant’ Anastasia Verona. This church was built in the Gothic style, and is located in the most ancient section of Verona. Construction of the church was spread over almost 200 years, from the early thirteenth century into the fifteenth century. This church is also worth exploring inside and out for its stone carvings, terracotta statues, and frescoes. While an entire trip could easily be spent visiting local churches, don’t forget also about museums, theaters, and wine tours.

On the other hand, architecture enthusiasts might want to visit every church in town. If so, your list of stops should include San Lorenzo, San Fermo, and Sant’ Eufemia. Some travelers think that they might spend a day in Verona, checking out the main attractions, before continuing on their trip. With all of the churches, historic attractions, and charming piazzas in Verona, most travelers will want to spend longer than a day. You will find accommodation from cheap hotels to luxury hotels; there is truly an option for every budget. Visit Verona, and you will discover that getting off the beaten path in Italy can be very rewarding.

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