Verona Duomo

The Verona Duomo is a truly striking structure. Italy is full of magical, terracotta-colored piazzas where a beautiful church is the architectural focus, and Verona’s cathedral is no exception. While many travelers plan a trip to Verona to visit the ancient amphitheatre of the Verona Arena (or to attend an opera there during the summer opera festival), there are also many other attractions to see before you leave this historic Italian town. From Verona churches to local museums, theaters to well-known piazzas, Verona is full of opportunities to enrich your vacation with learning, or take it easy over a relaxing glass of prosecco admiring the architecture.

The Duomo di Verona, as its called in Italian, was built in the twelfth century to place the eighth-century church that was destroyed in an earthquake. Known for its marble, Romanesque façade, the Verona Italy cathedral is one of the most popular churches to visit in this city. Medieval carvings and paintings are just as notable as the larger structure, although some travelers miss these finer details by breezing pass during a tour of Verona. Booking a room in one of the local Verona hotels will ensure that you have enough time to explore a variety of attractions without feeling rushed.

The Verona Duomo also goes by another name, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Matricolare. Whatever the Verona Italy Cathedral is called in your guidebook, it is worth visiting. Since 2002, the appeal of the church has been enhanced, as the restoration of interior frescoes was finished during this year. While Verona does attract visitors—don’t expect to be the only traveler there—the numbers are considerably less than other destinations in Italy. If you’re used to the crowds of Rome and are looking for a breath of fresh air, Verona could be exactly what you’re looking for.

The Duomo di Verona is sometimes neglected in favor of other local attractions. Verona is well known as the romantic setting of Romeo and Juliet, and during your visit it is possible to see Juliet’s House, Juliet’s tomb, and Romeo’s house. Between these attractions and attending an opera at the Verona Arena, some travelers don’t think they have time for other attractions. Spend a few days in one of the local Verona hotels and you can visit the Verona Duomo and other attractions at a leisurely pace. There is plenty to see and visit nearby as well, including Lake Garda and wineries.

Similar to many attractions, the Verona Italy Cathedral is closed on Mondays during the winter season. Outside of the winter, it is possible to visit Monday through Saturday, with limited visiting hours on Sunday. A small admission charge applies, but the purchase of a Verona card will provide entrance to several churches and attractions and also serves as a bus ticket. Many visitors rave about the spectacular entrance of the Duomo di Verona; a double-arched doorway is a unique feature. Some visitors will be charmed by the cathedral, while others won’t be able to peel their eyes away from the picturesque piazza. Visit and find out which will be true for you.

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