Giardino Giusti

The Giardino Giusti is the place to visit in Verona if you crave a little fresh air and wide green spaces after exploring the city’s streets and square. The garden is known for its sculpted hedges and serene atmosphere. Venturing across the Adige River from the historic walled town of Verona, this garden is a perfect place for an afternoon stroll. These gardens are part of the Palazzo Giusti Verona, built in 1580, and will transport you to a different time in Italian history, revealing what it must have been like to call this stunning palace home.

A favorite feature of the Giardino Giusti is the cypress trees. These old cypresses are immaculately maintained, fulfilling many visitors’ ideas of a traditional Italian garden. These multi-tiered gardens were designed by Agostino Giusti in a formal sixteenth-century layout. If you choose to visit Palazzo Giusti Verona during your trip, you can see the terraces, fountains, staircases, and straight avenues of Cypresses that has been impressing visitors for almost 500 years. Mozart is even said to have found inspiration in this garden.

After visiting the ancient Verona Arena and seeing sixteenth-century frescoes at local churches, many travelers include Giardino Giusti in their itinerary. The gardens are open every day of the week from 9 am until 8 pm, and the admission charge is 6 euros for adults. However, visitors should be aware that sometimes private functions take over the gardens, during which the gardens are not accessible to the public. If you’re planning a trip, it is best to call first, or at least enquire at your local hotel if the garden is welcoming visitors that day. Functions are most common on the weekends, but do sometimes occur on weekdays as well.

Some visitors are more interested in Palazzo Giusti Verona than the gardens. This neo-classical style palace was completed in 1701. Complete with a tower, many visitors admire the palace as much as they admire the terraced garden and Cypress trees. The Giardino Giusti is one of the oldest gardens in all of Italy, and one of the most famous as well. If you’re visiting Verona during the summer months, this garden can be a great retreat for relaxing in the shade of large trees. For this reason, the gardens are especially busy during the heat of the day, when in the summer months it can become uncomfortable to explore the town.

If you’re traveling with kids, they will love the maze made of hedges, an original feature from the sixteenth-century. Adults will enjoy the maze but also admire the statues and design that went into creating such an intricate garden. Located near the Roman Theatre, it is possible to visit Giardino Giusti by walking from the center of Verona. No extra transportation is required to visit this garden and palace complex. In the off season, the gardens might close an hour or two earlier, so don’t wait until the very end of the day to visit.

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