Verona Italy Holidays

Verona Italy Holidays
Verona Italy Holidays

If you’re considering Verona Italy holidays, you might want to add a few extra days on the itinerary. This ancient city is so full of attractions, festivals, and options for day trips that you won’t want to leave. While some places in Italy are known as being prohibitively expensive, there are certain strategies you can use to plan cheap holidays in Verona. Whether you want to explore the surrounding wine region, take a boat ride on Lake Garda, or simply soak up the atmosphere of Piazza delle Erbe, Verona will deliver much more than you might anticipate from a small northern Italian city.

One of the biggest attractions for Verona Italy holidays is the festival season in the summer months. Verona is home to a world famous opera festival every summer, when a few productions take to the stage of the ancient Roman amphitheatre in town. Despite the fact that the arena is an open-air amphitheatre, the acoustics are fantastic. If you want to see even more theatre, the Roman Theatre located on the banks of the Adige River is also home to several dramatic productions, the ballet, and concerts. A trip to Verona is the perfect summer getaway for culture fanatics.

These productions aren’t ideal for budget travelers, however. If you’re planning cheap holidays in Verona, you will want to have another approach for exploring this Italian town. The first step is to buy a Verona Card. This card provides access to a number of churches, museums, and attractions, and also serves as a bus ticket. The bus ticket will come in handy if you choose a bed and breakfast slightly outside of the historic center to save money on accommodation. Another affordable choice for accommodation is to choose Verona apartment rentals where you will be able to prepare some of your own meals.

Verona Italy holidays wouldn’t be complete without getting out of the city a bit as well. After you’ve seen Juliet’s House, the Duomo, and browsed through the marketplace at Piazza delle Erbe it’s time to see what the surrounding area has to offer. The Valpolicella wineries should be at the top of your to do list. This wine region is famous for Amarone, but also produces many table wines and dessert wines too. Visiting the largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda, is also a must do. There are several smaller villages along the way to explore as well, including Malcesine and Torbole on the shores of Lake Garda and the ancient town of Soave.

Cheap holidays in Verona are also a possibility because of the ease of flying. The local airport offers services on some of Europe’s best budget airlines, including RyanAir and EasyJet. This means that from other destinations in Europe you will be able to reach Verona for rock bottom prices. Travelers with a little extra to spend in their budget might prefer to arrive with British Airways or Air France, and these airlines are options too. Whether you want to spend your time in Verona in the most lavish hotels or are looking for an authentic little bed and breakfast, holidays in this ancient city will impress from start to finish.

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