Casa di Giulietta

The Casa di Giulietta is at the heart of Verona’s history. No matter how many attractions, churches, and museums are located in Verona, this Italian town might always be best known as the setting for the romantic Shakespearian tragedy Romeo and Juliet. What many travelers don’t know is that Verona is the home to the Casa di Giulietta, which is believed to have been home of the Capulets. Whether you have an interest in literary history or not, seeing Juliet’s House in Verona is worthwhile. This thirteenth-century home offers beautiful architecture within stunning Verona. Visitors love the opportunity to see Juliet’s famous balcony, home to one of the best-known scenes in all of literature.

Verona, Italy is full of attractions for travelers. The Verona Arena, one of the best known Roman amphitheatres, is home to stunning opera performances every summer. The Verona Duomo appeals to visitors with an interest in architecture. Yet despite the strong appeal of these attractions, Juliet’s Wall Verona Italy still has a magnetic pull, luring hundreds of thousands of tourists to the place where young Juliet called out for her lover. Casa di Giulietta is a house on Via Capello, owned by the Capello family. From this place it is easy to get swept up in the romance of Romeo and Juliet, simply by taking in the gorgeous surroundings.

Juliet's House in Verona Italy
Juliet's House in Verona Italy

There is plenty to see at Juliet’s House in Verona. There is a bronze statue of Juliet in the courtyard, which is thought to bring good luck if you give it a rub. On the inside of the house, visitors will find a small museum. Antiques from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries make this attraction fascinating for anyone with an interest in history, regardless of Romeo and Juliet. The ambience of the museum is best enjoyed without the crowds, so if it all possible, visit in the mornings or late afternoon. The museum is open every day until 7.30 pm, except for Mondays, when the museum is open in the afternoons only. A small admission fee applies to the museum, but no payment is required to see the courtyard.

After you see Juliet’s Wall Verona Italy, you might want to check out a couple other attractions related to the love story. Both Juliet’s Tomb and Romeo’s house are popular for visitors as well. Some historians have questioned whether Juliet’s House in Verona is at all related to the great love story of Romeo and Juliet, but these doubts haven’t stopped the great number of people who arrive to gaze up at the balcony and explore the museum. While the similarity of the names might be a strong argument for this house actually being owned by the family that inspired the Capulets, it has not been proven as a fact.

Nevertheless, Casa di Giulietta is one of the most popular attractions in Verona. While all of Italy has a reputation for romance, there is something about the atmosphere of Verona that is particularly romantic. Take a stroll among Cypress trees in the Giardino Giusti, watch an opera in the ancient amphitheatre, or embark on a local wine tour and taste the flavors of the region. In a place that already offers so much for couples seeking a romantic destination, the existence of Juliet’s Wall Verona Italy makes this place even more special.

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