Verona Luxury Hotels

The Verona luxury hotels are in a class unto themselves. If you’re planning a trip to Verona to attend the world-famous summer opera festival at the ancient Roman amphitheatre, only one thing will complete this special night: a luxury hotel. This elegant festival, along with other arts and culture events, attract luxury travelers to the historic city of Verona. While the city is full of cheap hotels, guesthouses, and villas, it is the luxury hotels that can make a trip here truly special. Spacious accommodation, top-notch services and amenities, and excellent locations will all enhance your trip to magical Verona.

It is difficult to decide on the best hotel in Verona Italy because there are many different styles of luxury here. Travelers who love design might want to choose Verona boutique hotels while those who love history might prefer the large, grand hotels. The choice is truly up to each individual traveler, who must make a decision based on price, availability, and amenities. Travelers should be advised that Verona luxury hotels fill up during the summer opera festival, so booking in advance is necessary to avoid disappointment.

To some travelers, the best hotel in Verona Italy must be a five-star hotel. Options include Due Torri Hotel Baglioni, five-star option in the historic city center, or Hotel Villa del Quar (pictured), a villa on the outskirts of Verona that has been transformed into an elegant hotel. This Relais and Chateaux property will impress for its comfort, location, and quality cuisine. Each option will have its own appealing qualities, including a swimming pool, spa, restaurant, complimentary parking, Internet, room service, and more. While there are many five-star options in Verona, they don’t all offer every single amenity, so be sure to read the fine print.

If you love a hotel with a grand, marble lobby than the Verona hotel for you is the Hotel Leon d’Oro. Travelers that prefer Verona boutique hotels with interesting design should choose between Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amista and Hotel Gabbia d’Oro. Some travelers choose to move on their last night from Verona luxury hotels to airport hotels if they have an early flight. Many of these more affordable options also offer shuttles to the airport, and remove any hassle from getting to the airport on time. One night away from luxury hotels might help the budget as well.

Verona boutique hotels will be the most affordable in the luxury category. Visitors can expect to pay between 150 and 250 euros per night, depending on the season and other factors. It seems as if there is no limit in price for the best room in the best hotel in Verona, Italy, so expect to pay premium prices for local suites in five-star properties. Sales and packages might bring luxury properties into your price range, so don’t discount luxury hotels before thoroughly doing your research. Another great piece of advice is to read reviews from your fellow travelers. Even luxury hotels have categories, and peer reviews can help you to choose the perfect one as the finishing touch to your adventure in Verona.

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