Malcesine Hotels

Malsecine hotels are popular among travelers who want to combine a trip to the historic city of Verona with a few days at Lake Garda. As the largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda has several areas that are ideal for visitors. One of these towns is Malcesine, where a number of hotels are right on the lake, providing easy access to all of Lake Garda’s pleasures. There are many Malcesine hotels to choose from, so first-time visitors might have a difficult time knowing where to begin. The first thing to do is to choose a class of hotel. There are Malcesine accommodations including luxury hotels, budget guesthouses, and everything in between. Once a class of hotel has been chosen, rely on your fellow travelers and their online comments to help guide you.

The best part about Malcesine Italy hotels is the views of shimmering lake. If all of these hotels have views in common, how do you choose one over another? Not all Malcesine hotels are created equal when it comes to amenities, services, availability, and quality. While there is definitely a lot to learn from the individual websites of hotels, it is also important to read reviews from fellow travelers. This will provide the most up to date information on hotels and help you narrow down your options. If you aren’t intrigued by hotels, other Malcesine accommodations include vacation rentals or villas where you will have extra space and the convenience of a kitchen.

Travelers craving luxury will be satisfied with the five-star Malcesine Italy hotels along the waterfront. Some of these top options include Hotel Benacus and Hotel Casa Barca. The Hotel Benacus is located in Val di Sogno and offers 29 rooms, many of which include private balconies, as well as private bathrooms, satellite TV, and in-room safes. There is an on-site restaurant and a lovely garden as well. The Hotel Casa Barca (pictured) describes itself as a wellness hotel, so in addition to the comfortable rooms, guests will also find a fitness center and access to relaxing treatments such as massages.

If you’re looking for options that are one step below the top-notch five-star hotels, do a little research on Hotel Dolomiti and Hotel Val di Sogno. The Hotel Dolomiti is in the historic center of the town and boasts a terrace, swimming pool, and bar. The Hotel Val di Sogno is characterized by its modern design and simple décor, and each room as a balcony facing the lake where visitors can see the surrounding mountains and countryside as well. Each of these hotels has their own amenities, so if you’re looking for complimentary parking, breakfast included in the daily rate, or Internet, you must read the fine print to find the best match. Remember also that Malcesine hotels are busiest during the summer months. If you plan to visit then, make your reservations as far in advance as possible.

Some travelers prefer Malcesine Italy hotels during the shoulder season of the spring and fall. During these months it isn’t essential to book that far in advance, and adventurous travelers can be a little more spontaneous with their travel plans. Some of the best hotels in town also offer discounts during this season to entice visitors. These hotels on the northeastern shore of Lake Garda offer great access to nearby Verona (only about 25 miles away), so even outside of the summer months, many travelers plan to visit both places. Surrounded by mountains and hills, this picturesque little town has made quite a few tourists considered moving to Lake Garda permanently.

Another reason travelers choose Malcesine accommodations over other areas of Lake Garda is the town’s history. In 500 BC this exact spot was settled by the Etruscans, followed by the Romans. Hotels in this village also allow visitors to learn a little bit about local history while enjoying boating, hiking, and soaking up the sunshine. Don’t forget about the cuisine too – this area is known for its regional specialties. If you’re interested in food and wine, there are plenty of wine tours in the region as well.

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