Casa di Romeo

The Casa di Romeo is one of the first things that comes to mind for many people when they think of Verona. While the fair city is full of history, ancient Roman monuments, and charming squares, it remains best known for one thing: It is the setting of Shakespeare’s tragic tale, Romeo and Juliet. A trip to Verona can include visiting attractions relating to the star-crossed lovers, including Casa di Romeo, or Romeo’s House. While it has never been factually proven that Shakespeare based his characters on real people living in Verona, this hasn’t stopped visitors from flocking to see Juliet’s house, Juliet’s tomb, and Romeo’s house. Whether you believe the attractions are related to the characters or not, they are still interesting to visit.

Romeo’s House Verona Italy belonged to the Montecchi family, which many people think has a striking resemblance to the name of Romeo’s family, the Montagues, in the play. Similarly, Juliet’s House was owned by the Capello family, and many have speculated that this has a strong resemblance to Juliet’s family, the Capulets. The thirteenth- century house that has been named Casa di Romeo is located not too far from Juliet’s house, and it resembles a castle with its high walls and tower. It is easy to imagine romantic Romeo in the beautiful series of internal courtyards of this house.

Whether Shakespeare based his characters on real people from Verona is up for debate, but there are traditions here that some historians think definitely inspired his work. For example, feuding families were common here, and for this reason Romeo’s House Verona Italy was built with such a defensive structure. Even though the house is located inside the city walls, it was still necessary at the time to build high walls and have a watch tower to ensure security. To further people’s suspicions that these two families inspired Shakespeare, the names appear in verses of Dante, who mentions the feuding Montecchi and Capello families.

Some travelers are disappointed by Casa di Romeo, because unlike Juliet’s house that is home to a small museum, Romeo’s house isn’t open to the public. It is a private building and can only be seen from the outside. This fact doesn’t stop many curious tourists, who have included Romeo’s House Verona Italy on their Romeo and Juliet tour of the city. Many travelers choose to have a meal in the restaurant that is located here to soak up the atmosphere of thirteenth-century Verona. The architecture alone reveals how difficult it must have been to fall in love with someone from the opposite feuding family.

With all the attractions about Romeo and Juliet throughout the city, it should come as no surprise that Verona has become a popular spot for destination weddings. Many couples love not only the romantic atmosphere, but the fact that there are many attractions to keep wedding guests happy and occupied. From visiting the many museums to taking a stroll in the formal gardens of the Giardino Giusti, Verona is an ideal place to bring a group of people to celebrate a wedding. The romance of the tale of Romeo and Juliet lives on with all these young couples who come to Verona to exchange their vows.

Image: piervincenzocanale (flickr)
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