Santa Anastasia Verona

Santa Anastasia Verona is a Gothic-style church located in the most ancient part of the city and a must-see for any traveler interested in history and architecture. No trip to Italy would be complete without exploring several historic churches. This is true in the city of Verona as well, where a series of churches and cathedrals all have their own appeal, including art, sculpture, frescoes, and more. Santa Anastasia is one of the most popular churches, along with the Verona Duomo (or Cathedral) and the San Zeno Maggiore, to visit during a trip to Verona. If you plan on visiting Sant’ Anastasia Verona Italy and these other churches, one wise purchase is the Verona Card, which grants access to many churches and museum and also serves as a bus ticket.

Churches aren’t the most famous attractions within Verona. The city is better known for its ancient Roman amphitheatre, theatre along the Adige River, and even as being a gateway for nearby Lake Garda. However, once visitors arrive, they see that the churches are also important to the whole atmosphere of Verona. Construction on Chiesa di Sant’ Anastasia began around the year 1280 but wasn’t completed until the beginning of the fifteenth century. The façade of the church is mostly brickwork, and many travelers admire the beautiful Rose Window in the front of the building.

Santa Anastasia Verona is as well known for components of the interior of the church as well. From detailed terracotta statues to chronological depictions of the life of Jesus, Sant’ Anastasia Verona Italy is full of artistic displays. While it is possible to view this church from the outside and continue your tour of Verona, it is worthwhile to come inside and take a peek around. If you purchase the Verona Card, you won’t have to worry about an entrance fee, and you can explore for as long or short as you like. Even if you’ve visited a few of the other churches, don’t skip Chiesa di Sant’ Anastasia—it has many unique, beautiful features.

Located not far from the Verona Duomo, it is easy to combine a visit to Santa Anastasia Verona with other attractions. Churches can be a cool space to visit during the heat of the day if you’re visiting during the summer, as can the shade beneath the trees of the gardens in Giardino Giusti. There are several museums as well that will bring to life the art of history of Verona, including the Castelvecchio Museum and the Verona Fresco Museum. Many people arrive for the Roman attractions (and the festivals that take these stages) but are pleasantly surprised by how striking the local churches are too.

Sant’ Anastasia Verona Italy is also located near the Piazza delle Erbe, or square of herbs, where it is possible to do some shopping. Whether you bring home local spices to remind you of your trip or another souvenir, you will be glad you visited this marketplace. Chiesa di Sant’ Anastasia can be a starting point for a great exploration of Verona. Don’t make the mistake of staying for only a day or two to attend an opera—there is so much more to see and do in this city if you take the time to discover it.

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