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Travelers who loved the historic walled city of Verona might become curious about other walled cities in the region. One great example is Soave, a medieval walled city that is also known for its fine wines. Some travelers choose to make a day trip of exploring Soave, while others choose to take it slow and book Soave hotels for a few nights. If you’re touring this region of the Veneto, Soave is a great place to relax, see the sights, and sip some local wine. There are different Soave accommodations to choose from, to match different price ranges and desires. From guesthouses to renting villas, the choice is up to you.

Soave Italy hotels are mainly in the two and three star category, offering comfortable bed and breakfast options for travelers stopping between Venice and Verona. These rooms are very affordable, costing approximately 50 to 75 euros per night. Some options for Soave hotels include Bed and Breakfast Monte Tondo and Hotel Cangrande di Soave. Monte Tondo (pictured) has rooms, apartments, and suites available for guests, making it an excellent choice if you’re planning on staying a while or want the option to prepare your own food. The Hotel Cangrande has 58 rooms, all of which have air condition, satellite TV, and minibars, among other amenities. The hotel also has a free garage for guests with rental cars.

One way to narrow down your choice for Soave Italy hotels is to read reviews by fellow travelers. These often reveal details about hotels that you can’t find on their website. For example, if a hotel is located on a noisy highway or the price of breakfast isn’t included, chances are you will discover this in a review. On the other hand, if a hotel has great touches that make a guest feel at home, you can find out about this as well and get tips on the best places to stay from visitors who have made the trip many times.

Many Soave Italy hotels also have restaurants attached. These small hotels are often locally owned, and a small restaurant is located on the main floor. Breakfast is often served here, but it is also possible to enjoy evening meals as well. Al Gambero Albergo and Ristorante is an example of this type of hotel. Other Soave accommodations offer an excellent breakfast but no formal restaurant, such as Il Grappolo d’Oro and Albergo Soave di Danieli Margherita. The best popular season to explore this region is the summer, so during these months, be sure to make your reservations in advance. Fall is also popular, as this is the time of the grape harvest.

Spending a few nights at Soave hotels can be just one part of a larger exploration of the region. A tour of the Veneto region wouldn’t be complete without visiting Lake Garda. The charming town of Malcesine has ancient roots and is a great place to spend a few nights enjoying the pleasures of the lake. Some travelers choose Soave Italy hotels based on a larger budget. For example, if you’re splurging on the luxury hotels in Verona for a couple nights, the affordable prices of Soave will be enticing to balance out the budget of your trip. Many hotels offer complimentary parking for independent travelers touring the region by rental car.

Some travelers choose Soave accommodations based on location. The Soave Hotel, for example, is located only 200 yards from the local train station. On top of a great location, this hotel also offers free parking, free Internet, and a complimentary buffet breakfast. Travelers looking for value will definitely find excellent value for money in Soave. This hotel, owned by Best Western, also offers a swimming pool in the summer and TV with satellite channels. No matter what you’re looking for, you will find a hotel match in Soave.

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