Torbole Italy

Torbole Italy was once an ancient fishing village near the mouth of the River Sarca. The historic town of Nago sits on the hills above Torbole. Both towns are situated at the base of Monte Baldo at the north end of Italy's largest lake, Lake Garda. Today, the Nago Torbole region of Italy is one of the most popular destinations for outdoor sports in all of Europe, with many beautiful hotels and easy access to the city of Verona.

The surrounding landscape and geographic position of Nago Torbole channels the almost constant wind along Lake Garda, while the surrounding mountains protect the towns from the colder temperatures. This creates perfect conditions for many various wind sports. The lake in front of Torbole Sul Garda is excellent for windsurfing, sailing and surfing, especially since motorboats are strictly prohibited. Torbole's winds don't just encourage water sports, however. Base jumpers and paragliders consider the jumps from Monte Baldo to be some of the most challenging and rewarding in Europe. The local people of Torbole Italy love to share with visitors the different types of wind that blow through their town, from the constant Ora winds that gently blow from the south every afternoon to the Ponale winds that bring violent storms.

Nago Torbole offers plenty of options for a more relaxed crowd, as well. Trails throughout the region are excellent for hiking, cycling and mountain-climbing. Explore the protected flora of Monte Baldo Nature Park, often called the Garden of Europe. Sunseekers can enjoy the warmer climate by lying out on the many beaches of Torbole Sul Garda or strolling along the green expanse of Pavese Park. Wander the promenade along the picturesque harbor of Torbole, or climb the narrow medieval streets and ancient Roman roads of Nago, where brightly colored houses of the Mediterranean style collide with mountainous Alpine architecture. Descend the hairpin turns on the road from Nago to Torbole, filled with dramatic landscapes that inspired many paintings of the German Romantic period and inspired Goethe to describe Torbole Sul Garda as a marvel of nature in his travel writings from September 1786.

Evidence of the Venetian influence can be seen throughout the area, including the Old Customs House, also called La Vecchia Dogana. Former duties houses along the port remind visitors of the Austrian influence. The Saint Andrea Church overlooking Torbole is a beautiful example of Late Baroque architecture, having been rebuilt after French troops destroyed it in 1703. The most notable piece of art within the church is the altar piece by Verona artist Giambettino Cignaroli, depicting the martyrdom of Saint Andrea. The ruins of Penede Castle are also worth seeing, though wandering around inside the ruins is discouraged. Travelers interested in geology will enjoy the Marmitte dei Giganti, or Giant's Pot Holes. These sunken glacial era wells are evidence of the erosive phenomenon of the glacier that formed this dramatic landscape.

Considering Torbole Sul Garda's history as a fishing village, travelers are encouraged to try the many seafood restaurants in the town. These meals are prepared with ingredients grown in the surrounding vineyards and olive groves of the Alta Garda microclimate. Accommodations options within Torbole and Nago abound, as well. Ever since Venetians used this area as a health resort, travelers have had many choices of where to rest their heads. From lakeside hotels to villa rentals, Nago Torbole has something for every preference.

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