Verona Italy Tours

Tours in Verona Italy
Tours in Verona Italy

Verona Italy tours are a perfect match for you if you’re the type of traveler who likes to learn about history and culture during your trips. There are a variety of tours that can enhance a trip to Verona, beyond visiting the ancient Roman amphitheatre, churches, and Roman Theatre on your own. Whether you choose to join Verona Shakespeare tours and visit the home of Romeo and Juliet, or Verona walking tours for a more general overview of the city, you are sure to learn more than possible by simply exploring on your own. A knowledgeable guide can make a big difference in the quality of your trip, so even if you don’t usually give tours a try, Verona might be the first of many.

Another of the most popular options for Verona Italy tours is wine tours. Outside of Verona, the region of Valpolicella is known for producing a variety of wine. Beyond the famous Amarone, Valpolicella is also known for its dessert wines and young table wines. A wine tour can include visiting several wineries, touring the vineyards, and enjoying tastings. There will also be plenty of opportunities to purchase wine at a discount to bring home. Even travelers who have never been into souvenirs jump at the chance to send home a case of their new favorite wine.

Beyond wine tours, one of the top options is Verona Shakespeare tours. Verona is well known for being the location of Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet. Many travelers arrive in Verona each year to see Juliet’s House, Juliet’s tomb, and Romeo’s house. While it is possible to visit these attractions independently, a tour guide will illuminate details that you might miss on your own. Juliet’s House is home to a small museum, and you will even have the chance to stand on Juliet’s balcony and envision what Verona must have been like for two star-crossed lovers from feuding families.

If you aren’t interested in Verona Shakespeare tours, the more general Verona walking tours might be a good match. These walking tours are ideal for visitors who have never been to Verona before, and are looking for an introduction about the history and culture of the city. Top attractions to visit on a walking tour include the Duomo and other churches such as Santa Anastasia, Giardino Giusti, Piazza delle Erbe, Via Mazzini for shopping, and the many museums. The one negative thing about Verona walking tours is that they might make you realize you didn’t plan enough time in your itinerary to fully explore this city!

The most important part about Verona Italy tours is the guide. There are tours available in English, but room is limited, so make your reservations ahead of time. One strategy for finding the perfect tour is to ask the staff at your bed and breakfast or hotel. They will most likely be familiar with the tours and tour guides and can point you in the best direction. If you’re staying in an apartment rental, check out the tourist information center, or ask a waiter or shopkeeper for recommendations. Don’t forget, some of the most fascinating tours are beyond Verona, including a boat tour of Lake Garda or a wine tour of Valpolicella.

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