Verona Trains

Verona trains are an efficient way to travel. While Italy has a reputation for a laid-back approach to life, this motto does not extend to their transportation. Visitors will discover that, like trains across Italy, the trains in Verona run like clockwork and are surprisingly affordable. Travelers who are looking to plan a trip exploring the northern region of Italy known as the Veneto will have several options for transportation. Verona buses and trains make exploring a breeze. Knowing a few details about Verona Italy transportation will ensure you have a smooth journey, so keep reading.

In recent years more and more travelers have arrived straight into Verona Airport. What began as a small airport serving the military in World War II has grown into a commercial airport that now serves millions of customers per year. However, many travelers also still arrive by Verona trains. The main train station, called Verona Porta Nuova, is located right next to the bus station. Both of these Verona Italy transportation hubs are located a fifteen-minute walk, or short bus ride, from the historic center of Verona. If you want to walk, there is a tourist information booth at the station that can supply a map and directions.

Another of the top reasons visitors use Verona buses and trains is to travel to nearby Lake Garda. Trains depart from Verona Porta Nuova to Desenzano del Garda every half hour, and the journey is a short twenty minutes. Some travelers prefer to take Verona buses, which connect the main station to different points along the lake including Garda, Malcesine, and more. There is no excuse not to spend a day at Lake Garda with transportation that is this efficient and easy to use. Spend a day boating, eating local cuisine, and soaking up the sun on Italy’s largest lake.

One popular question tourists have is whether Verona trains run directly to the airport. While no train goes to the Verona airport, there is a shuttle that leaves every twenty minutes from the main train station to the airport. Costing less than five euros, this is the way many travelers choose to connect between the airport and Verona. Some travelers also choose to rent a car at the airport which allows a real independence for exploring the area. If you want to visit wineries in the Valpolicella region or visit the ancient town of Soave, having your own car will allow you to plan your own itinerary at your leisure.

Travelers also use Verona Italy transportation to explore further in Italy. From the main railway station it is possible to board a train to Milan, Venice, Florence, or Rome. The National Rail company is called TrenItalia and tickets must be purchased prior to boarding. If you’re looking to travel beyond the borders of Italy, it is also possible to board a train in Verona heading for Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. Venice is only 1 hour and 45 minutes away by train, Milan is 1 hour and 20 minutes, and Florence is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Trains make a trip exploring Italy easy on your stress level and your wallet.

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