Verona Italy Vacations

Verona Italy Vacations
Verona Italy Vacations

Are you considering Verona Italy vacations? There are so many tempting attractions, festivals, and excursions from Verona that once you start reading about them, it will be difficult to resist. Whether you want to attend the famous opera festival at the ancient Roman amphitheatre or are more interested in discovering attractions related to Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, Verona will enchant you from start to finish. Verona vacation packages can be affordable, especially if you choose modest accommodation. With a few simple money-saving strategies, your dream trip to Verona could be right around the corner.

One special way to experience this city is with Verona Italy vacation rentals. Choosing an apartment over a hotel has many advantages. First, you will have much more space than a hotel room could provide, often including your own kitchen. Budget travelers will appreciate the ability to prepare some of their own meals. These rentals are also typically right in the center of the historic city, allowing you to feel like a temporary resident. This is the best of all Verona Italy vacations; when you leave with an understanding of what it is like to live in a place, when you have permeated the culture.

Verona vacation packages are also now more affordable than ever as a result of the growing airport. What began as a small airport has grown in recent years to accommodate millions of passengers. While it is still possible to travel to Venice or Milan and continue on to Verona, it is also possible now to travel directly to Verona. Despite this fact, exploring beyond the city walls of Verona is essential too. There are many tours, including wine tours of the Valpolicella region, which provide a fascinating way to spend a day in the countryside. Don’t miss out on the chance to take a boat ride on Lake Garda or visit the ancient city of Soave.

Waking up in the morning at Verona Italy vacation rentals, you will have easy access to all of the top attractions. History buffs will want to visit the Roman theatre, tour the museums, and maybe even visit Juliet’s tomb. If you’d rather just soak up the atmosphere, sit down for a cappuccino in Piazza delle Erbe, or go shopping along Via Mazzini. Verona Italy vacations wouldn’t be complete without visiting the many churches, including the Duomo and Santa Anastasia. To save money on entrance fees, purchase the Verona card, which allows access into many attractions and also serves as a bus ticket.

Verona vacation packages often include tickets of some kind. Whether you love the theater, opera, ballet, or classical music, these festivals are a great way to infuse the arts into your trip. If you plan on visiting during this busy summer season, it is essential to make reservations ahead of time. The best luxury hotels and Verona Italy vacation rentals go first, so don’t wait to make your reservation. While Verona is less visited than some other places in Italy, including Rome or Venice, once you step foot in this charming city you will wonder why this is the case.

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