Hotels in Verona

Hotels in Verona
Hotels in Verona

The ebb and flow of tourists to Verona means that, for most of the year, booking a Verona hotel is a fairly simple procedure. The opening of opera season and the annual Shakespeare festival are two of the city's main draws and during the months of July and August these events can make hotels in Verona strenuous to come by. But throughout the rest of the year, there is a dearth of tourists, and most of the people you meet upon the streets and in the cafes will be residents of the city. This bodes well for those seeking hotels in Verona during any non-summer months.

Opera buffs flock to the Due Torri Hotel Baglioni. The palace home of the Scaglieri princes, a wide collection of antiques from centuries past, still remains in this Verona luxury hotel. The hotel has undergone generous renovations since World War II by some of the most famous hoteliers in Italy, making this the top Verona hotel in the city. Though not located near many of the city's historic sites, it is nearby some of the finest restaurants in the city and just off the city's real center: the Piazza dei Signori.

The Due Torri Hotel Baglioni's only competition for best Verona luxury hotel is the nearby Hotel Gabbia d'Oro. Boasting the same excellent location, it is a popular spot for honeymooners year-round. Another converted palazzo, it has interior courtyards open during the summer and frescoes first painted in the 1700s. Excellent views are also available from some of the pricier rooms in this Verona hotel.

The most popular - though definitely not the nicest - hotels in Verona are the Hotel de' Capuleti and Hotel Giulietta e Romeo, which both cop the city's Shakespearian story and use it to their full advantage. The former is converted from the cathedral where Romeo and Juliet were said to have been married and the latter is merely a Verona hotel that has decided to constantly beat you over the head with the themes from the famous love story. Both are nice enough, but definitely not Verona luxury hotels. They have a habit of using name recognition to attract unwitting tourists who could have nicer lodgings for the same price or cheaper lodgings in a more central area of the city. These hotels are located on opposite sides of the ruins of the Arena di Verona, which make for nice views, but are a bit of a walk from the bustling city center.

So whether you are taking advantage of the Shakespeare festival, opera season or just want to bask in the glory of the remnants of a medieval power, there are many options available for lodging in charming Verona.

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