Verona Weather

Verona Italy weather has four distinct seasons. From almost oppressive heat in the summer months to the frost that accompanies winter, Verona has it all. Weather-wise, the best time to visit Verona is during late spring and early autumn as the temperatures are mild and there are fewer tourists crowding the cobblestone streets.

Winter: If cold weather and frost don’t bother you, the best time to visit Verona is between November and February. The temperature is usually in the 40s, but it can sometimes drop below freezing. Frosts and heavy fog also accompany these months. It is the ideal time to book a ski trip or take in the sights while there is hardly anyone around. Be sure to pack your winter coat and hat in case temperatures drop.

Spring: March, April, and May bring warmer temperatures as the region begins to thaw out. With temperatures averaging in the 50s in March, the 60s in April, and often hitting the 70s in May, a lot of tourists find this the ideal time to go. With the sun out and fewer tourists around, travelers will find the spring a pleasant time to see the area attractions. The end of May marks the beginning of the peak tourist season as the Verona Italy weather really starts to improve.

Summer: June through August is the most popular time to visit Italy, but the temperatures in Verona can reach above 80. Although the sun and heat are usually welcome, this area of Italy can become quite humid, making the heat almost unbearable for some travelers. Verona comes to life during this time with festivals, al fresco cafes, and shows at the Arena di Verona, so if you don’t mind the heat or the crowds, then the summer will suit you just fine.

Autumn: September and early October are often referred to as the best times to visit Verona as the temperatures cool, but the weather is still mild. Families are fewer, as the children have gone back to school, and the prices are generally lower during this time. The Verona Italy weather temperature averages in the 60s and 70s during these autumn months, and they are often filled with sunshine. Visitors will also be likely to avoid the worst thundershowers, which come as precipitation increases at the end of October.

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