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Verona travel is popular year-round, with some of the best weather during the early spring through the autumn season. Northern Italy features a mild climate during the spring months. The summer months are the peak travel times, and popular attractions are unusually crowded, hotel prices are higher, and everywhere you go seems to be busy.

When To Go To Verona
When To Go To Verona

If pursuing Verona travel during the summer, be sure to remember that mid to late August is when many shops and restaurants close. Late August is the typical Italian holiday season and many owners choose to go on holiday during this time. Although you may find traveling less crowded as the Italians seek their time off elsewhere, you may find difficulty in booking a hotel, shopping, or taking in a delicious meal. Be sure to do your research before you book during this holiday season, but if your heart is set on spending the warm weather months along the shores of Lake Garda, then book a hotel in Torbole or Malcesine, and enjoy the sunshine despite the crowds.

One of the most popular things to do in Verona is to attend the outdoor summer concert series at the Arena di Verona, which features live concerts, operas, and theater performances in an ancient Roman setting. If your heart is set on seeing La Traviata or another famous show during your trip to Italy, be sure to check the calendar when booking your tickets and make sure that your visit coincides with the live shows here.

Visiting in autumn is another popular option for Verona travel. The weather is nearly perfect, with sunshine and comfortable temperatures but less heat than during the summer. In addition, the Valpolicella area near Verona is famous for its smooth red wines, and if wine tours and wine tasting are high on your list of favorite activities, then visiting at this time of year allows you to see the grape harvest and learn more about local viticulture.

Throughout Italy, prices are typically raised during major holidays. Easter, Christmas, and other religious festivals, such as saints’ days, are busy times in this part of Europe, so if you choose to travel during these holidays, it is best to book well in advance. However, there’s no better way to learn about an area’s culture than to attend local celebrations, so many visitors find this one of the best times of year to visit Verona.

If you are a skier then you will find the best snow from December through February. There are several ski resorts within a few hours’ drive of the city, as the northern part of Italy is home to excellent mountains. The closest ski resorts include Monte Bondone, Fai della Paganella, and San Columbano, though there are dozens more to choose from. Ski vacations in Verona are a good choice if you’re looking to get travel discounts via vacation packages, as ski resorts often offer package deals for their guests.

No matter when you go to Verona, this lovely city is sure to charm you. Most of the fascinating historical sites around the city, such as the Duomo and the many museums, are open and accessible year-round, and if you’ve come to see Juliet’s House and other settings from Shakespeare’s play, you won’t be disappointed, even if it’s chilly outside.

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