Verona Wine Tours

Verona wine tours are perfectly suited to any wine-lover—or potential wine-lover—who wants to add a culinary aspect to their visit to this ancient city. While there is an incredible range of attractions right within the city walls, the areas around Verona are also fascinating, particularly as wine-producing regions. There are several choices for travelers, including Valpolicella tours or a Soave wine tour. You can design your own tour and explore independently, hire a private guide to personally tailor a tour for you, and join a group tour with a set itinerary. After you taste that first sip, you’ll be glad you decided to include a wine tour in your vacation.

Valpolicella tours are the most popular Verona wine tours. Valpolicella, translated as land of many cellars, is home to the famous Amarone wines. During a tour you will also have the chance to sample young table wines and sweet dessert wines. The Valpolicella region is known for red wines and is home to only red grapes. A wine tour in this region usually includes stopping at several wineries for a tour of the vineyards and the wine cellar as well as a tasting. There are many wineries in this region that welcome visitors, including the Accordini Winery and Villa Manzi.

The price of Verona wine tours will vary drastically. Cost will depend on the number of wineries you visit, whether food is included, and the size of your group. Joining a larger group might not sound attractive, but it will cost less. If you aren’t traveling on a budget, there are many Valpolicella tours that are designed for small groups or couples. These are very special tours as they allow individuals to meet the winemakers and discuss the craft of making wine. In small groups, meals are often possible at the winery as well. Larger groups more often wind up eating meals in restaurants.

Many visitors are surprised that the wine growing areas outside of Verona can be reached in as little as 20 minutes. This means that you don’t need to check out of your hotel and travel great distances to sample wines. A tour can begin and end at your bed and breakfast in Verona; it is a wonderful excursion away from the city. Beyond the wineries of Valpolicella, another option is a Soave wine tour. This town from the middle ages is known for producing white wines and is only about twelve miles from Verona. Here you can sample dry white wines, sweet white wines, and sparkling wines too. One popular option for a Soave wine tour is to combine visiting the winery with also seeing the local castle and the village.

While Verona wine tours can take care of the planning, adventurous travelers should know that it is possible to arrange their own tour. Instead of paying a tour guide a lump sum, it is possible to make your own reservations at wineries and pay them directly for a tour and tasting. You will still have the benefit of a tour guide in the vineyards and wine cellars, only you will have to arrange for your own transportation. Travelers who are averse to a large group traveling on a bus or a van will enjoy the experience of visiting wineries independently (or hiring a private guide). The wine-growing area around Verona isn’t vast in size, and it is easy enough to get around. With a map and some will power, you can even design your own wine tour.

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