Verona Wineries

Verona wineries are one of the biggest attractions in the area, beyond the opera festival, intricate churches, and fascinating museums. While there is plenty to see in this historic city, it is also essential to leave behind the city walls for a day of exploring the Valpolicella wineries. Independent travelers can head out in a rental car for a day of tasting and touring wineries, or if you don’t love reading a map, join a tour and led the guide take care of the small stuff. Whichever way you arrive at wineries near Verona Italy, it is sure to be love at first sight.

One of the highlights of Verona wineries is the fact that they are located so close to the town. A day trip from your Verona hotel or villa to visit the Valpolicella wineries is simple. After approximately twenty minutes in the car you will be surrounded by vineyards. This area of Italy is known for producing one special wine: Amarone. Other than this star, red table wines and sweet dessert wines are also produced. If you choose to visit wineries near Verona Italy independently, you will need to make reservations for a tour and tasting. If you’re joining a wine tour, your guide should take care of the reservations for you.

It can be difficult to narrow down your choices for Valpolicella wineries. The first thing to know is that this region is broken down into two categories: Valpolicella classico and the non-classico zone. The winemakers here are proud of Amarone and the reputation of this wine that has spread across the world. If you want to visit some of the top Amarone producers in the region, there are several wineries to check out including Allegrini, Brigaldara, Nicolis, Masi, Musella, Tommasi, and Zenato, among others. Some visitors will be forced to choose wineries based on availability while other wine enthusiasts might try and visit them all during one trip.

Not all wineries near Verona Italy offer the same experience for visitors. While wine enthusiasts might be inclined to visit their favorite wineries or the most prestigious ones, this won’t always result in the best experience. One reason to join a tour or hire your own personal guide is that these companies are aware which wineries offer the best experience. Some winemakers are more open to talking to visitors, to spending more time with them in the cellar, and providing more thorough tastings. Some tastings are also better value for money, and tour guides are a good source of this information.

While many travelers might be tempted to visit Verona wineries independently, another reason for joining a tour is not having to worry about transportation. With all of the beautiful wine around, you won’t want to have to think about how much you’ve had to drink in regards to driving. If the transportation is taken care of, you can sample as many different varieties as you like. Don’t forget that wineries often offer a discount on cases at the winery, so it is possible to bring home some of your new favorite wine to drink at home. No trip to Verona would be complete without venturing out into the local wine country.

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