Walks of Italy

Walking Tours in Rome
Walking Tours in Rome

Walks of Italy guides know their cities like few others. These energetic and knowledgeable tour experts take people on tours of some of Italy's most interesting and visited locations throughout the country. Their tours, which take place in English, are an excellent way to discover more the place than you could on your own. Seeing where history unfolded and hearing about it at the same time is an experience that can't be missed while in Europe.

Passionate and knowledgeable — the same true is true of founder Jason Spiehler, who's been giving tours since 2001. His passion for sharing Italy led him to start the company with its headquarters in Rome. Spiehler studied the famous guidebooks and did a lot of legwork before setting out on tours. Today, his tours are receiving rave reviews from European travel experts, including Rick Steves and the New York Times. Plenty of other travelers who have taken the tours have left excellent reviews all over the Internet. 

Walks of Italy offers several itineraries in Rome and day trip destinations, including Pisa, Venice, Vatican City, Tuscany, and Pompeii. The company prides itself on being accessible, making it easy to book tours. After you've made your arrangements, it will be easy to keep in touch with any questions, by Skype, email, or phone—and social media for those who prefer. Each tour is limited to 12 people, and it visits a combination of the tourist favorites and off-the-beaten-path sites. Because Italy Walks is certified tour company, its tours have access to places throughout Italy and the Vatican that the public would not have.

Colosseum at Night Walks
Colosseum at Night Walks  Image: sundar_m77 (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0

One of the most creative tours visits the Roman Colosseum at night. This VIP tour starts after the historic site closes to the public, when everything falls silent. A guide will break the silence to tell some spine-tingling stories about the gladiators, wild animals, and other contests that once unfolded in this very arena. The tour will duck underground, going to the places once reserved for the ancient Roman gladiators—plus the arena floor and other amazing places at the Colosseum. This tour, which clocks in at just over two hours, is offered during the warmer months of the year, the ideal season for walking tours.

Vatican Walking Tours
Vatican Walking Tours

The Colosseum is included on many of the Roman itineraries—the VIP tour also is available during the day. For those who want to catch the highlights, the Rome overview tour is the ideal ticket. Over the course of seven hours, you'll visit some of the most scenic places in the world, making stops at the Vatican museums, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and other well-known sites. Other tours could include dinner, an evening stroll with gelato, or the Borghese Gallery, which is rarely seen by tourists.

Walks in Tuscany
Walks in Tuscany

And those are just the options in Rome. Italy Walks offers tours all over the region. How about checking out the highlights of Florence in a day, taking cooking classes in Tuscany or following the artists of Florence? All these and more are on the schedule, offered at price that is likely much less than you'd expect. The company also helps with transportation and airport transfers, making it a snap to get from Rome to whichever city you dream of visiting.

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