Wine Tours Chianti

With so many things to do in Italy, a Chianti wine tour is a must for wine enthusiasts traveling through Tuscany. The Chianti wine region is located between the venerable Italian art cities of Florence and Siena. It is an ideal wine territory that specializes in rich red wines, derived from the native Sangiovese grape. Castles, hill top villages, and vineyards combine to almost make the experience of a Chianti wine tour too perfect to be true. Wine tours Chianti style often involve day visits to one or more towns, a break for lunch, and stops at reputed wineries with vintage cellars complete with wine caves and atmospheric tasting rooms. However, extended tours covering more than one day are surely available if you have planned this amazing experience as the focus of your Italian vacation.

There are plenty of options for a memorable Chianti wine tour, whether you want a full, private service with pick-up and drop-off in Florence or Siena, have a rented car and want a personal guide to accompany you, or want to save time and money and join a large group. Renting a car in Italy is expensive, though, know that most agencies do not rent for only one day, and you probably do not want to be driving during your Chianti tour. The more inexpensive tour involves joining an often larger group of fellow wine enthusiasts in a van or bus for an organized visit to one or two towns. You will likely make a stop for lunch, between seeing some sights, and do some wine tasting, usually for about 100 to 200 euros per person before returning to the city.

For a more exclusive Chianti tour, it is recommended that you go with a smaller company, or spend a bit more for your own private guided tour. You typically will be picked up at your hotel, and returned there after a half to full-day excursion. This way you avoid the crowded feel of a big group and are not tied down to the more strict group schedule. You will visit historical sites on the way, with one on one attention to detail. The most recommended personal guide online is Alessandro Cammilli, who if already booked relays the duty to his associate, Roberto. Alessandro is a retired police officer, and he and Roberto are native to the area. Going with such a guide is truly the way to go, and there are many qualified options. You will likely get only one shot at this unforgettable experience. Being whisked away from the bustling bigger cities of Florence and Siena to the romantic rolling Chianti Tuscany countryside is a welcome change on your itinerary. Your senses will come alive as you gain a true appreciation for the Italian way of life and learn everything about the wine making process. In this magical land of rolling hills, historical villages, old farmhouses, lavish vegetation, golden sunshine and warm people, you will definitely come away with a deep sense of satisfaction.

To list all the wine tours Chianti offers would be quite a task. You should consider that hotels out along the countryside are not as plentiful as you might think. If you are staying in the Chianti Tuscany region for more than one day, you can rent a Tuscan farmhouse or villa and eliminate the constant packing and unpacking associated with changing accommodations. These options can run more expensive, especially in the peak season of summer. If you have limited time for your Chianti tour, you might stick with starting in Florence or Siena and taking a half-day to full-day tour and returning back to your hotel to resume your Italy adventure. It is the more affordable way to go and most day trips give you a taste of the Chianti wine, olives, food and hilltop towns for about 120 euros a person. Again, if your Chianti wine tour is the focus of your trip to Italy, then there are extended tours available covering more than one day. However you do it, you’ll definitely find yourself talking all about it with your friends when you get home. Enjoy your Chianti wine tour!

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