Best Eastern Hotel Issyk Kul, Bishkek

Best Eastern Hotel Issyk Kul

301 Mira Prospect

Hotel Issyk Kul is located on the edge of Kyrgyzstancapital - Bishkek - in ecologically clean place atthe bottom of the great Tyan-Shan mountain. At thesame place the most beautiful avenue takes itsorigin. In the neighbourhood with issuk kul hotelthere are architectural complex Manas Ayily therecreation centre Flamingo and also the Zoo withamazing animals. Our hotel has a great servingexperience with different kinds of delegations onthe international level. That is why Issyk Kul hotelhas at its disposal a whole complex of servicesbringing out maximum comfort for living and holdingup all kinds of conferences and meetings. Ourservices satisfy all the requirements of our guestson business or leisure and each of them feelspersonal care.