Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Located in the southern region of the country, this unique and multi-cultural city is the largest in Luxembourg. Ville de Luxembourg, as it's known in French, is one of the wealthiest cities in the world due to its fortune in banking and administrative services, and it also boasts numerous historical sites. Travelers are drawn to the vibrant city for its unique culture, outstanding wine selections, and history, and as Luxembourg City serves as the main transportation hub of the country, it's also a great starting point for a Luxembourg vacation.

Ville de Luxembourg, though small in size, has quite a complicated layout due to its being sprawled across various hills and valleys. The majority of the city is located on the top of a hill that overlooks the rivers Petrusse and Alzette. The winding roads and alleys of the city give it an ancient feel, and rightfully so—Luxembourg City was established early in the tenth century. The area of the city known as Luxembourg Old Town captures this feeling, and the cobbled streets are scattered with museums and old buildings that are located alongside modern shops and restaurants. The center of the Old Town area of Ville de Luxembourg is known as the Place d'Armes. It is the main square of the city and is filled with quaint cafes, fast-food joints, and fine-dining restaurants. The Place d'Armes is a great place to soak in the beauty and the people of the city while sipping on a fresh cup of coffee.

During your Luxembourg City travel, you can experience this history first-hand by visiting the remains of the Chateau of the Counts. Dating back to 936 AD, the remains of the castle are located on a rock known as the Bock. You can view the remains and visit the museum that re-traces the history of the chateau and its importance to the city over time. Exploring the casemates beneath the fortress walls of Luxembourg City is also a great way to delve into the history that the city has to offer. This intricate network of tunnels was first built in the early seventeenth century by the Spanish and enlarged during the eighteenth century by the Austrians. The casemates served as defensive tunnels used for army men, horses and armor and they housed city inhabitants during the bombings of World War II. The detail and intricacy of the tunnels have earned Luxembourg City the nickname of the “Gibraltar of the North.”

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame is also one of the various Luxembourg City attractions that bring history to life. The massive cathedral took eight years to build during the early seventeenth century and is an excellent example of intricate Gothic architecture. The cathedral houses the royal family vault, including the sarcophagus of John the Blind, one of Luxembourg's medieval rulers. There is also an extensive treasury and a Baroque gallery that was carved in 1622. The Palace of the Grand Dukes is another historic building that marks the exquisite architecture of Ville de Luxembourg. It was built in the Spanish Renaissance style and served as the home of the local government until the late nineteenth century, when it was converted to the residence of the royal family. Travelers should include the Palace of the Grand Dukes in their Luxembourg City travel and take a tour of the splendid palace and view the displays of expensive furniture and fine art that belonged to the family.

Ville de Luxembourg also serves as a great beginning point for various day trips around the area. Approximately a half-hour journey from the main city lies the Moselle Valley. The Moselle Valley is a must-see destination for anyone who enjoys a delicious glass of wine. The valley is home to Europe's smallest wine region, but don't be fooled—the wine from here is fresh and fruity. Follow the Route du Vin (Wine Route) that is clearly marked and stop in on the various vineyards to taste test these unique wines. Here, you can savor a glass of the local vintage while soaking in the luscious views of the sloping hills that encompass the valley.

Being the most popular city among visitors to Luxembourg, Luxembourg City is home to exquisite amenities and various attractions to keep travelers occupied for days. No matter what budget you are traveling on, you will be certain to find suitable accommodation. The major luxurious hotels are located right in the city center, which makes Luxembourg City travel quite easy. For those who would rather splurge on sightseeing and good wine, one of the city's hostels or budget hotels will suit you just fine. A trip to Luxembourg would not be complete without exploring all that Luxembourg City has to offer.

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Located in t...

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