Skopje Macedonia

Skopje Macedonia is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in this Balkan republic. As the nation's capital, it is the economic, cultural, and political heart of the country, and those who plan Skopje travel itineraries will be impressed by the array of historical sites the city has to offer, including many attractions from the Ottoman era, such as mosques, and historic houses throughout the city.

One of the most popular Skopje attractions is Kale Fortress, also known as Skopje Fortress. This impressive limestone and travertine stone fortress is located on the highest hill in Skopje Macedonia, and it boasts some of the best views of the city. Built in the sixth century during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, Kale Fortress was modernized and further reinforced during the tenth and eleventh centuries, making it one of the most refined medieval structures. It is thought that the materials used to build the fortress were brought to the building site from the nearby ruined town of Scupi, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 518, though artifacts and ancient houses have been unearthed in the area that show that the location may have been inhabited since 3000 BC. Today, tourists can walk on the double stone walls, view the square and circular towers, and enjoy spectacular views of the entire plain around the city of Skopje.

If you're interested in more archaeological sites, the town of Scupi itself is another popular destination on Skopje travel. Located a few miles outside the city, Scupi was a Roman outpost inhabited by legionnaires in the first century. Some ancient bathhouses, a civil basilica, and townhouses can still be seen at the ancient site. It is believed that after the earthquake of 518, the inhabitants of Scupi moved to the site of Kale Fortress.

Another major destination for Skopje travel is the Skopje aqueduct, an impressive stone structure with 55 arches. Some say it was built during Roman times, while others contend that it was built as late as the sixteenth century by the Turkish, but either way, it is a spectacular sight. Visitors to Skopje Macedonia should also check out the Old Bazaar, one of the oldest and largest bazaars in the Balkans. There you can pick up a few handicrafts and curios and bask in the lively atmosphere of the town.

When you're ready to call it a day, you'll be happy to find that an excellent hotel in Skopje is easy to come by. The Hotel Duvet is one of the best hotels in town, and it has a convenient location close to the main square of the downtown as well as several bars and restaurants. This four-star hotel is small (only ten rooms) but snug, with comfortable beds and spotless linens, flat-screen TVs, and excellent showers. Free internet access and tea and coffee facilities are a nice touch. For this level of quality, the reasonable prices for the Hotel Duvet make it a great value hotel in Skopje. Most bookings include breakfast, though you will have to eat out for the rest of your meals as there is no full-day dining room at the hotel.

For travelers on a budget, the Mramor is a little further from the center of town (about ten minutes by taxi), but it is a great affordable choice for a hotel in Skopje. This small and personal three-star hotel features pleasantly decorated guest rooms with comfortable beds, satellite television, and spacious, nicely appointed bathrooms with hairdryers. Internet is available, and breakfast is included. The hotel is located on a quiet residential street with some restaurants nearby, which are also reasonably priced. An airport shuttle is available as well. All in all, the Hotel Mramor is one of the best values in town.

Skopje Macedonia


Skopje Macedonia is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in this Balkan rep...

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