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Your choice of Comino hotels is quite limited. This tiny unspoiled island is only about one square mile in size, and there is, in fact, only one choice for Comino accommodations—the Comino Hotel and Bungalows (pictured). You can sleep on the beaches or camp in the interior. There are no facilities on the island other than the beach hotel in Comino so you will have to bring all your own gear. Camping is technically not allowed, but some people do this without being bothered so long as they do not cause problems and show respect for the environment. There is actually only one official campsite in the entire country, and that can be found on Malta Island. Avoid the two private beaches that belong to the beach hotel in Comino should you decide to try camping.

The population of the island consists of one small family, a parish priest, and a police officer, and there are no public buses or taxis to use while on your vacations here. Your transportation will have to consist of a boat or your own feet. Fortunately, hiking from one end of the little island to the other is easy for people of all abilities and will reward you with breathtaking vistas. A full circuit of the island only takes about four hours. If you are staying at the beach hotel in Comino the property can provide you with a picnic lunch.

Even this one place for Comino accommodations includes a couple different choices, so you can have the feeling of two different Comino hotels at the same establishment. The hotel itself (built in the 1960s) has 95 rooms, about half with stunning sea views; the other half face the gardens. All have en suite balconies. The hotel facility is the only Blue Lagoon hotel on Comino as it is directly across St. Nicholas Bay from this famous attraction that draws most visitors on day cruises from the islands of Malta and Gozo.

A ten-minute walk to the west is St. Mary's Bay and a row of 46 bungalows, almost all of which have sea views. These Comino accommodations have a double bedroom and a living room, and are ideal for family holidays. The bungalows have their own swimming pool, private beach, and a terrace restaurant for breakfast. The rest of your dining is catered at a couple restaurants at the main hotel facility. One of the hand full of vehicles on the island belongs to the hotel, and you can get between the two facilities either in their minivan shuttle or by walking. There are no other facilities of any sort on the island, so this is an all inclusive property.

Ultimately, most visitors looking for Comino hotels will choose Gozo hotels, and visit Comino on day excursions in sailing yachts or in one of the many day cruisers. Since there are no facilities except those at the hotel, day trippers are allowed to use the facilities. You will have to pay a fee for some facilities, such as water sports equipment. These facilities include the beaches, two swimming pools, dining spots, gift shop, internet café, and tennis courts. This is a seasonal hotel, open only from May through October.

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