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Malta holidays have been popular with the English throughout the nation's history as a British colony from 1800 until independence in 1964. It continues to be a popular winter getaway for the English, as well as tourists from northern Europe. These people, who include large numbers of families with children and young people heading to the legendary nightlife of Paceville, find cheap holidays to Malta usually through the many available vacation packages. They also find cheap flights on some of the discount airlines, several of which only fly to the destination during the summer months when the weather is the warmest.

Today, you can find these cheap holidays to Malta through a variety of operators in the United States and Canada. You can also get some of your best Malta holiday info right here by using the tool on the Destination360 site to find car rentals, hotels, and flights.

Malta beach holidays are some of the most popular, even though these small Mediterranean islands do not have the kinds of long stretches of sand that you will find in places like the Greek Islands. Most of the easily accessible beaches will be found on the eastern coasts of all three islands, around Mellieha on Malta Island and Marsalforn on Gozo Island. Comino Island has only one hotel, also located on the east coast.

Malta holidays centered on scuba diving will often stay in these properties, but head to the western coasts where the diving is best. This is because the western coasts are more rugged with dramatic cliffs formed by centuries of wind and high waves that have carved out wonderful grottoes and caves for divers to explore. Diving holidays can be expensive because of the cost of diving gear rental, cost of boats that take you to the best dive sites, and the fact that you must dive with a certified instructor.

You can enjoy cheap holidays to Malta on hiking tours and by staying in small family-run guesthouses in the countryside or using vacation rentals as your base of operations. People of all abilities can enjoy hiking just about everywhere on these small flat islands. Malta holiday info on hiking can be found from the Malta Rambling Association that has worked very hard to keep the walking trails open and accessible to all, with few fences and restricted areas to keep hikers out.

Malta holiday info varies according the kind of tours and vacation you are seeking. If your interest is in archaeology and prehistory, you might want to read about the seven magnificent megalithic temples on Gozo and Malta Island that together comprise a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A substantial percentage of tourists visit at least one of these, even passengers of Mediterranean cruises who rarely dock here for longer than one overnight. There are Malta holidays that concentrate on these ancient sites. These kinds of holidays will generally also spend time exploring the historic cathedrals, palaces, and museums that chronicle the island's time as a possession of the Knights of Malta.

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