Mdina Hotels

Mdina hotels will mostly be found outside the walls of this pedestrian-only city, but there are some Mdina Malta accommodations that are literally only steps away, and one of the country's 5 star luxury hotels is located actually in the city walls. The suburb of Rabat (the town's name literally means "suburb") is contiguous to the small medieval walled city of Mdina, which is rich in history as well as being a national historic landmark, so you are pretty much staying at hotels in Mdina Malta even though the property is actually located in Rabat.

Some of the best cheap lodging in Mdina will be found in family-run guesthouses. One of the finest of these is the Point de Vue, located only about 100 yards from the gates of the walled city in one of the city's lovely villas that dates to 1889. It boasts a beautiful nineteenth-century façade and only twelve rooms, which look out over the countryside or over the walled city. Its restaurant is known as one of the area's finest dining experiences.

Also often overlooked are the farmhouses and villas that can found on all the Maltese islands, and are especially prevalent on Gozo. These kinds of Mdina hotels place you within minutes of the attractions of the city. They also give you a full kitchen so that you can save money on dining out costs. Many will have several bedrooms making them attractively cheap lodging in Mdina for families and small groups, and many will have a swimming pool. Other benefits include the authentic character and taste of traditional culture that you experience, as many are 300 to 400 years old. If you are staying in one of these places, you really need a car rental for transportation even though you are only minutes from the city.

Many hotels in Mdina Malta have become increasingly popular spots for weddings and honeymoons. The only 5 star property in the city is the Xara Palace, which is located actually in the old city walls, so it faces into the city as well as out to Rabat and the countryside. It is located in a beautiful seventeenth-century palazzo that has been lovingly restored to its former splendor, and is the picture perfect setting for a wedding ceremony. In addition to its ornate décor and elegant rooms, this property has one of the most respected gourmet dining spots in the country having won the 2009 prize for Malta's Chef of the Year. As is true with all Mdina hotels as well as those in Rabat, its car park is located outside the ancient walls.

If you have arrived in a rental car, you cannot bring the vehicle inside the walls without paying a hefty fee. Once it's in there, you cannot realistically drive around for sightseeing as most of the streets are reserved for pedestrians or too narrow for cars—not really an issue as it only takes ten to fifteen minutes to walk completely around the enclosed area. This is not cheap lodging in Mdina by any means, but the hotel does offer holiday vacation packages in the off season (winter) that are quite attractively priced.

Virtually all hotels in Mdina Malta will be able to assist you with sightseeing tours and other activities, including hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

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