Sliema Malta

Sliema Malta is a town on the eastern coast of the island on the outskirts of St Julians, located about halfway between Valletta and Paceville. It is set on a point jutting out to sea, and shares its northern harbor with both Paceville and St Julians. It shares its southern harbor with Valletta. All four of these towns and neighborhoods are closely related, but each is known for something a bit different. Sliema is known for the long sandy beaches that almost encircle the town and its oceanfront promenade (called The Strand), and most Sliema holidays include time on the sand.

Because of its two harbors, many things to do in Sliema involve boats. You can charter yachts for sailing excursions just for a day or for several overnights, possibly even sailing to nearby Sicily. The town is also a center for scuba diving companies, and there are numerous dive trips available.

Although the city of Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its magnificent cathedrals, palaces, and museums, Sliema Malta is also steeped in a shared history and boasts many fine structures and monuments. Things to do in Sliema include taking tours of these. Its lovely Parish Church dates to 1855, and there are several other notable churches you can visit. Historic forts and watchtowers protect strategic points around the town.

During the last half of the nineteenth century, it became the place for summer vacations for the wealthy nobility of Valletta. Because of this there are a number of opulent old villas here. Some of these villas are lavish enough to be called palaces, and several have been converted into historic boutique luxury hotels. Many of these are popular venues for weddings and other special events.

Some of your Sliema holidays can be spent in one of these historic structures without you ever realizing it. The fort known as Il Fortizza was built by the British in 1872, and has been converted into an Italian dining spot. Like Greece (especially the Greek islands), this country welcomes the acquisition and refurbishment of many historic properties by private citizens and businesses in order to prevent them from falling into disrepair.

Other things to do in Sliema include shopping, as this is one of the best places for galleries and chic boutiques. There are also several shopping malls. You can also spend a good portion of a day exploring Manoel Island sitting in Marsamxett Harbor. It is only a few minute's sail from Sliema Malta and you can even drive over the short bridge if your transportation is a car. At the tip of the island is Fort Manoel, built by Knights of Malta Grandmaster of Portugal in 1726. The fort boasts a classic eighteenth-century quadrangle, parade ground, and military arcade.

Sliema holidays are also excellent for enjoying evening entertainment. Most of the nightlife in Sliema is fairly subdued, with many pleasant pubs and wine bars. Several of the Sliema hotels also have lounges with live music in the evenings. These are more the "warm up" spots for those who plan on going clubbing later in the night. There are some famous night clubs and discos just across the bay in Paceville, and there is one very famous open-air disco in Rabat near the town of Mdina. Transportation home in the wee hours of the morning is not a problem, as there is increased bus service from the clubs around closing time.

Sliema Malta


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