St Julians Malta

St. Julians Malta was once a sleepy fishing village, and remained a rather provincial region even during the time that the Knights of Malta transformed the nearby peninsula of Valetta into a glorious medieval capital city embellished with grand cathedrals, opulent palaces, and imposing forts that still guard the entrance to Grand Harbour. Although the medieval wealthy had discovered this area was excellent for St Julians holidays during the warm summer weather, it wasn't until Malta fell under the rule of the United Kingdom that St. Julians Malta saw real development.

St Julians Bay and the peninsula occupied by Valletta separate the city from Grand Harbour. To its north is its suburb of Paceville and the town of Sliema. Today, these three areas are extremely popular for vacations and boast many luxury hotels and beach resorts. St Julians holidays are popular not only for the beaches but also for a vibrant nightlife, which is also found in Sliema and Paceville. Here you will find everything from sophisticated music bars to large techno discos and elegant casinos.

St Julians Bay is also one of the primary centers for sailing in Malta, and there are numerous marinas for private yachts as well as companies offering scuba diving trips and sightseeing excursions. While the large liners on Mediterranean cruises anchor in Grand Harbour, St Julians Bay is still full of gaily colored traditional Maltese fishing boats. This is also the site of the ferry port, with ferries to Catania and Calabria in Sicily and to Salerno and Genoa on the Italian mainland. This is also where you can also catch the ferry to the neighboring islands of Comino and Gozo.

The most picturesque, and much photographed, part of St. Julians Malta is its long seafront. A curving promenade lines much of it, with grassy parks, playgrounds, facilities, and children's playgrounds on one side. These stretches of green, as well as some lovely parks, make it excellent for family vacations. On the road side of the seafront are numerous bars, cafes, and other dining spots. These are not so much party spots as they are places for dinner and a few warm-up cocktails before more serious dancing and partying begins later in Paceville.

Your St Julians holidays will also give you a taste of Malta's long history. Spinola Palace was built in 1688 and is surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens. The old Parish Church dates to 1580 and is dedicated to St. Julian Hospitaller, patron saint of the Knights of Malta.

While the resort at St Julians Malta is very popular with visitors, the best beaches are a bit north around Paceville and Sliema. Nonetheless, many of the resort hotels do have swimming pools, and there are some good swimming and snorkeling spots at various points along the seafront. All along the seafront promenade, there are wide flat rocky shelves that are excellent for sunbathing, fishing, and tide pooling. The best beach is part of the Hilton complex, one of the town's luxury hotels located on Portomaso Point.

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