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Malta tours are numerous and available to explore the three main islands of this small Mediterranean country, and several kinds of transportation to facilitate them. Malta guided tours are some of the most rewarding to fully enjoy some of the many historic sites, and you can book these yourself in many places when you purchase an admission ticket. It is also possible to simply walk down to the harbor in almost any seaside town and book sightseeing cruises with various operators or even with a fisherman in his traditional luzzu. With the latter, you are apt to discover some very personalized lore as the fishermen are usually happy to share their years of experience as you enjoy sailing along the beautiful coastline.

You can also plan and execute your own self-guided sightseeing tours in Malta with a map, a rental car, or even your own feet. Hiking tours in Malta are made easy for all experience levels by the small size of the islands and by numerous hiking trails that are seldom interrupted by private property and fences. On Comino Island, you can depart the only hotel on the island in the morning, walk a full circumnavigation of the island, and be back in time for lunch. More ambitious Malta tours are available to hikers looking for a bit more adventure. All three islands have dramatic rugged cliffs on their western shores, and there are companies offering rock climbing and rappelling trips in these areas.

Along the twelve miles of the beautiful Dingli Cliffs on Malta Island, you can enjoy Malta guided tours with professionals or self guided tours with detailed maps and lists of hotels and inns along the way. Perhaps the most exciting sightseeing tours in Malta are those you do yourself with a rental car. Doing this allows you to explore at your own pace, stopping where you please, and discovering little hidden gems along the way.

Many sightseeing tours in Malta include activities on the sea. There is excellent scuba diving around all three islands and many PADI certified operators that will take you to popular beaches as well as to secluded coves and lagoons only accessible by boat. Sailing has always been a popular activity in the Mediterranean, and Malta tours aboard a variety of sailing yachts are available. These can be day excursions or trips of several days. There are even sailing tours that include other countries such as nearby Sicily, or Tunisia on the North Africa coast. More ambitious sailing trips might include the Greek Islands.

Many large ocean liners on Mediterranean cruises dock in Valletta—most for only a single overnight stay. Virtually all shore excursions are Malta guided tours offered to the passengers. These generally include tours of Valletta, the ancient walled city of Mdina, and the megalithic temples found on both Gozo and Malta Island. Some of these excursions are also sightseeing flights aboard seaplanes. Tour packages to Malta are offered by companies in other countries as well as by a number of companies in Malta. These are often vacation packages that are apt to include international flights, accommodation in hotels, and tours of select attractions.

Malta Island

Malta Island

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