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Malta transportation is fairly uncomplicated. These are very small islands, and like all Mediterranean islands they are heavily dependent on the sea. Sailing boats and Malta ferries dominate the transportation scene. In fact, the tiny island of Comino (only one square mile in area) boasts only the foot power of hiking tourists to get around on land and boats for getting to and from the island. Additionally, car hire in Malta is possible on the largest island as well as on Gozo. And both of these islands have Malta buses that are also major tourist attractions.

Even if you have rented a car for your personal use or are staying at one of the all inclusive resorts and don't need to go anywhere, it is suggested that you use the Malta buses for at least one trip during your stay. These are inexpensive and are the primary form of public transport in Malta for getting around the two largest islands. They are also part of the history of the country, having been in continuous operation since 1905. Although the fleet of Malta buses has been modernized and all painted a uniform yellow color, they are classic vehicles with even some of the newer ones dating as far back as the 1970s. Most are owned by the drivers who are also skilled mechanics and take great pride in their vehicles. A hallmark of most of them is the fine detailing, chrome work, and other decoration that makes each vehicle unique. Despite this celebration of individuality, the fleet operates with a surprising amount of efficiency; routes keep frequent on-time schedules that are very dependable.

The primary form of Malta transportation to get to the islands from other countries is on flights to the international airport on the outskirts of the capital city Valletta. This is a modern facility, and you will find Malta rental cars here from several of the major international chains, including Hertz, Avis, and Eurocar. There are also some local car hire companies in the larger towns on both Malta Island and Gozo Island. If you rent a car, remember that driving is on the left-hand side. All of the rental car possibilities on either island will be small, compact European vehicles.

Valletta's Grand Harbour is not only a seaport for Malta ferries to the other islands but also the site of daily seaplane flight service to Mgarr Harbor on Gozo. Other ports for Malta ferries include the harbor at Marsaxlokk and the harbor of Marsamxett. The latter is also the area that boasts the most spectacular scuba diving spots. Valletta's Grand Harbour also has some international ferries to Catania and Pozzallo in Sicily and to Genoa and Salerno on the mainland of Italy.

One of the most rewarding types of Malta transportation will be your own foot power. Hiking here is excellent for all skill levels, and the small size of the islands means that you can see a great deal on an easy half-day excursion. Sailing is also a wonderful way to get around. When you charter a sailing yacht, your mode of transport doubles as your hotel accommodation as well as your sightseeing vehicle. Additionally, the small boats are able to reach some of the more secluded beaches and coves that are otherwise inaccessible.

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