Malta Vacation Packages

Malta vacation packages of all sorts are available to suit just about every taste and budget. Sometimes these are offered by local hotels during shoulder seasons and special holidays. These generally include the cost of hotel accommodations and perhaps some meals and airport transfers. Sometimes they might include some tours or admission tickets to museums and other attractions. These kinds of Malta vacations usually offer good discounts on lodging if you’re willing to travel during off or shoulder season or stay a minimum number of nights.

A number of the larger hotels and resorts offer good deals on a beach vacation to Malta throughout the year. However, if you want to hit the beaches during the best summer weather, these kinds of Malta travel deals need to be booked as far in advance as possible because space is limited. Taking a beach vacation to Malta has been popular with British tourists since colonial days, and northern Europeans also come here in large numbers. You will find companies that offer discount Malta vacation packages in most of the capitals of Europe and all over Great Britain. These holidays generally include international round trip flights on one of Europe’s discount airlines, transfers, and meals.

Malta vacations have been discovered by Americans only since about the 1980s, and today there are a number of operators in the United States who offer virtually all inclusive Malta vacation packages that last seven to ten days. These might stay in more than one place, and include all international and internal transportation, most meals, and guided tours every day. However, most of these Malta vacations are part of a larger itinerary that includes other countries in the region, like Italy (Sicily is only about 65 miles away) and Greece. Adventure tours that often include hiking in North Africa and Malta are also available.

Other special interest Malta vacation packages include scuba diving and sailing trips, archaeological tours of the megalithic temples, and weddings. This is an extremely popular wedding and honeymoon destination, and there are many specialist agencies that can arrange everything from a wedding dinner cruise to the going away ritual in a traditional karozzin (horse drawn carriage). Putting your own Malta getaway together is also possible. Rental cars are readily available, and the islands are so small that it’s just about impossible to get lost. If you are traveling during the peak summer season, you need to put the pieces together fairly far in advance as there are few options for accommodation outside of the towns and cities. But you are fairly safe setting out on the open road with few plans if you’re traveling during the off season.

It is a beach vacation to Malta that the vast majority of visitors are seeking. Even though these islands do not have the incredible beaches that are famous in places like Greece and the Riviera in southern France, there are lovely beaches including some that are quite remote and secluded. In fact, it is the remote, unexplored, and relatively undeveloped nature of these islands that draw so many visitors who are beginning to discover its unique charms, fascinating history, and wonderful weather provided by the proximity to Africa.

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