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Malta weddings take advantage of one of the most romantic destinations in the Mediterranean, and this little archipelago is becoming more and more popular as a venue both for Malta honeymoons as well as the ceremony itself. Couples have been tying the knot on idyllic Mediterranean islands for many decades—especially the famous Greek Islands like Crete and Rhodes. More than 7,000 years of history, hundreds of beautiful cathedrals and churches, and the entire medieval city of Valletta that is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site means that if you plan on getting married in Malta, you will have one of the most magnificent backdrops for your big day.

Malta weddings offer two other advantages over the more famous Mediterranean venues. They are generally less expensive and there are fewer restrictions. Because the islands are relative newcomers as destinations for vacations, prices for almost everything are low, including getting married in Malta and the cost for accommodation for wedding parties and Malta honeymoons. Additionally, you can choose to have your ceremony performed virtually anywhere, including with the backdrop of one of the megalithic temples that comprise another UNESCO World Heritage Site and are the oldest structures in the world.

Finally, Malta weddings are legally recognized by many countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Great Britain, and all other countries that are part of the European Union. Marriage requirements here are relatively open, and the documentation (primarily proving you unmarried status) required is fairly simple. This documentation needs to be forwarded to the country’s Marriage Registry within six weeks of the ceremony, which you can do yourself. There are also numerous wedding planners on the islands who will handle all the details from wedding receptions on luxury sailing yachts and the bride’s make-up to the “going away” ceremony in a traditional horse-drawn karrozzin (carriage). There are also specialist travel companies throughout the world that offer wedding vacation packages and who can assist with all the details before you leave home.

Unlike many other countries, it is possible to have only a religious ceremony either in a Roman Catholic or Anglican church; you do not additionally need a civil document for the marriage to be internationally recognized. And you certainly have your choice of churches—hundreds of them. Churches and cathedrals are everywhere on both Malta Island and Gozo Island. Even tiny little Comino Island, with a population of fewer than a dozen people, has a lovely Parish church. Getting married in Malta is also possible as a purely civil ceremony in a Registry office or in one of the many wedding halls.

Some of the wedding halls are magnificently opulent palaces. The Palazzo Parisio was built in 1733, and is still occupied by the aristocratic family that has owned it since 1898. It is called a miniature Versailles, with a grand hall and beautifully landscaped gardens that provide the perfect wedding venue. It is located in the little village of Naxxar less than a mile outside of St Julians. This is not a hotel, but there are many accommodation possibilities for wedding parties and Malta honeymoons in nearby Valletta, St Julians, and Sliema. If you want a palace that can provide rooms as well as a wedding venue, you might try the luxurious Xara Palace in the medieval walled city of Mdina.

A beach wedding in Malta might be the first thing you think of when you think Mediterranean island, and there are a number of wonderful beaches available for your ceremony. Most of the best sandy beaches are on the eastern coast of all three islands. Choose the western coasts if you want dramatic rugged cliffs. Malta is also an excellent scuba diving destination, and there have even been wedding ceremonies performed underwater. You have many other choices for a wedding location. Virtually all hotels, especially the resorts and five star luxury hotels, are equipped to handle all the arrangements with large wedding halls and intimate chapels.

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