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Monaco hotels range from four-star deluxe accommodations to rental apartments, and the variety offers options for travelers on all different budgets. Whether you seek a majestic Mediterranean view or a more relaxed inland hotel, Monaco has the accommodation options to suit you. Hotels are often graced with a grand facade and exquisite architecture, as the Monaco tourism industry is a firm believer in the ultimate comfort of a posh room and endless amenities. Although the majority of Monaco accommodation tends to be on the more expensive side, the proximity to affordable hotels in France is ideal for those traveling on a budget.

Monaco is famous for its luxury hotels, such as the Hotel de Paris (pictured) and Hotel Hermitage, that offer anything a visitor could ever need: spacious rooms, spectacular views, day spas, and excellent guest services. The bulk of these luxurious Monaco hotels are located in the district of Monte Carlo, as the affluence of international gamblers and the high-end clientele of the Grand Casino requires suitably fine accommodations. The most famous hotel is the Monaco Casino hotel, more popularly known as the Hotel de Paris. Located just a stone's throw from the casino, the Hotel de Paris is the ultimate hotel in this tiny principality. Offering comfort, views of either the Mediterranean or the magnificent casino, gourmet dining, and a luxurious feel, the Hotel de Paris the place to stay for those who have the budget to splurge.

The Hotel Hermitage, located just a few minutes' walk from the Grand Casino Monte Carlo, is another great opportunity to splurge on your Monaco accommodation. It has won a slew of awards, including Top 10 WOW Spa Hotels in the World and Best Hotel by location from Conde Nast Traveler. Hotel Hermitage also offers unparalleled views of Monaco harbor and the Prince's Palace. The hotel is decorated in the beautiful Belle Epoque grandeur, the rooms are exquisite, and the restaurant, Le Vistamar, is world-famous. But be warned, the Hotel Hermitage's luxury comes at a price, so it's best suited to travelers with plenty to spend on their lodging.

However, for those who can't afford the prices of a room at the Hotel de Paris or Hotel Hermitage or who would simply prefer to spend less, there are other Monaco accommodation options located in the bustling district of Monte Carlo and in other beautiful areas of the principality. For instance, the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort is a grand beach hotel in Monte Carlo. Dine in one of the four restaurants specializing in fresh seafood, enjoy a walk around the beautifully manicured gardens, or take a refreshing dip in the lagoon swimming pool.

The Monte Carlo Beach Hotel is also a fantastic option if you are seeking a beach hotel in Monte Carlo. This seaside resort offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, yet it is situated only a few minutes away from the district's lively center. Open from March through November, the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel boasts four restaurants, an Olympic-size pool, and the Eileen Gray Lounge. If you are looking for a more contemporary beach hotel in Monte Carlo, then the Le Meridien Beach Plaza may be the hotel for you. This Monaco hotel boasts the only private beach in Monte Carlo, three pools, and the only restaurant in Monaco that is open 24 hours a day, L'intempo Restaurant.

There are also various choices for those seeking a more moderately priced hotel in Monaco. They are mostly situated around the port and throughout the side streets and squares. Although most are relatively small, they will suit your needs quite well. For instance, the Ni Hotel Monaco, located across from the port, boasts modern decoration and comfortable rooms that make this hotel a prime choice for those traveling on a budget. The Hotel Miramar, located by the Quai des Etats Unis, is another smart choice. It has eleven rooms with sea views and is ideally situated for the festivities during the summer months. For a more laid-back feel, guests can also try Hotel de France. Located on a quiet side street, this Monaco hotel is in an ideal location and is minutes away from local artist shops, boutiques, and major attractions.

With the variety of Monaco hotels, every traveler should be able to find suitable accommodation. Whether you want to stay in the bustling district of Monte Carlo or you prefer a laid-back hotel on the beach, Monaco has something to offer everyone. If you'd prefer even lower prices, you can also try your luck just over the border in Southern France. For instance, the town of Beausoleil is famed for offering cheap, comfortable accommodation and is just minutes away from Monaco.

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