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Montenegro hotels cater to a variety of clientele. Since the country gained independence in 2006, Montenegro accommodation has developed to meet the needs of travelers. Coastal towns such as Budva are gaining a reputation not only for their beaches, but for nightlife as well. Montenegro hotels are popular with backpackers, students, and young people who arrive on the shores of the Adriatic looking for beach parties and clubs. A room can be booked for an affordable price in these towns, only further increasing their popularity as a place to be for the market of young travelers looking for fun and reasonable prices.

If you’re looking for a luxury hotel in Montenegro, you’ll find these along the coast as well. Only miles away from Budva is Sveti Stefan, a small town that has been transformed from a sleepy fishing village to a destination of choice for luxury travelers. Before the conflicts of the 1990s, Sveti Stefan was frequented by celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, and Claudia Schiffer. Since 2006, this coastal town has been reestablishing itself as the best location for a luxury hotel in Montenegro. Villa Montenegro was awarded the prestigious 5-diamond award from AAA in 2006, and thus the town was put back on the map for luxury travel.

Other Montenegro accommodation includes self-catering apartments. While this isn’t as popular as in some other coastal towns, self-catering is still available, and if you’re planning on spending lengthy time along the coast or in the mountains, you may want to investigate this option. The ski season lasts from December through March, and apartments will be available for rent in the mountains during this timeframe. The best time of year to visit the coast of Montenegro is in May, June, and September. During the summer months of July and August, securing Montenegro accommodation may be difficult as the local people take their holidays during this period. Prices are known to be inflated during the summer months, and hotel rooms are much scarcer.

Montenegro hotels in the capital city of Podgorica are known for being expensive. A room of the same quality in Budva will cost travelers four or five times the price in Podgorica. Many travelers bypass the capital en route to the coast or the mountains, but some stay for a day or two to see the refurbished sights, churches, and museums, or for a day at the massive Delta City mall. Transportation to Montenegro is often secured through Podgorica, and some travelers need to stay overnight. It is wise to book this in advance, as arriving without a reservation may be an expensive proposition.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury hotel in Montenegro or a simple, cozy place to enjoy the beaches, there are options for you. With the currency being the euro, prices should be familiar to travelers, and there is less room for hustling from hotel owners. Many hotels include breakfast in the rate of the room, and discounts can be secured for longer stays. Sometimes the more affordable a hotel, the more rowdy it will be, especially in towns known for nightlife, such as Budva. Regardless, hotels in this developing country are safe and fairly plentiful, offering visitors the chance to see Montenegro in its still developing state.

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