The Netherlands is a region in the Benelux economic union, a term referring to a group that includes Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. All three countries are quite small, but what they lack in size they more than make up for in unique culture. No where else in the world can you see the one and only Van Gogh Museum, or visit one of the coffee shops in Amsterdam. The Netherlands are a truly unique group of countries, and the cities and people within them are just as special. Netherlands travel can be one of the best travel experiences around.

The Netherlands are densely populated, which is a fact that will become quickly apparent to anyone trying to drive on the freeways there. A trip to Amsterdam in Holland is a great example of this, as Amsterdam is the largest city in The Netherlands. Located in South Holland, Amsterdam is a city brimming with travel possibility. Travelers are sometimes surprised by the relaxed and open attitude of the people of Amsterdam. This city is home to many unique attractions, such as coffee shops, the Red Light District, and the world’s oldest sex museum.

Netherlands travel is about more than just Amsterdam, however. Netherlands travel is also about many of the other cities in the area, including Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht and The Hague. Netherlands tourism can easily happen in any of these areas. Because the area is actually somewhat small when compared to other countries around the world, Netherlands tourism can be easily enjoyed by visiting multiple areas. Many of these cities are within easy driving distance from one another, making day trip and other adventures attractive through your Netherlands tourism.

The Netherlands is host to a long history, and thankfully many of the structures from hundreds of years ago are still standing to this day. If you plan to stay in an Amsterdam hotel, you will likely be staying in a quaint structure left over from the height of Dutch society and prosperity

Depending on what time of the year you visit The Netherlands, a number of outdoor activities can be enjoyed. The Netherlands are downright cold in the winter, but during the spring and summer are incredibly beautiful. Tulips abound, tourists float down the canals on tour boats, and locals have a look of pure joy while they appreciate the return of the sunshine to the north. Tours of the Netherlands can be enjoyed through a private tour company or just by heading off into these lovely areas all on your own. The Netherlands are also known for the extensive bike paths found throughout the major city. Bike rentals are available through many hotels and private companies, and many travelers argue that seeing the Netherlands from a bike is the best way to see it. Either way, your trip to the Netherlands is bound to be enjoyable.

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