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Finding flights to Netherlands is one of the first things to check off of any travel list. Flights to Netherlands can be booked year round, and there are different advantages to traveling at different times during the year. Once you’ve decided when to go to the Netherlands, it will be much easier to pick your flights to Netherlands. If you have specific day trip or a suggested itinerary in mind, you can also coordinate these ideas with your flight into The Netherlands. The major airports in The Netherlands are located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. While each city has its own attributes, they can be equally nice to fly into.

Amsterdam Airport Hotel
Amsterdam Airport Hotel

By far the most popular city to fly into in The Netherlands is Amsterdam. Cheap flights to Amsterdam can be found by booking both your hotel and flight through the same company. Finding cheap flights to Amsterdam can be as easy as searching online or contacting a local travel agent. The best deals on flights to Amsterdam are also often offered to travelers willing to book a red-eye flight or travel at other non-peak hours. Cheap flights to Amsterdam can also be located by booking some kind of Amsterdam travel package, which will combine your flight cost with the cost of your hotel.

Peak hours for flights to The Netherlands are during the day, usually between 9 am and 6 pm. If you are looking for the best deals on flights, you can start by booking a flight during hours not included in these peak times. In addition to booking a travel package, travelers can also find cheap tickets to Amsterdam and The Netherlands by looking for special flight deals. Throughout the year, various airlines will post sales on tickets. These sales are posted in newspapers and online on many travel websites. Be sure to check with airlines that make frequent flights to Amsterdam, as they are most likely to have the cheapest deals on flights due to the fact that they have the highest volume of flights. It can also be helpful to speak with a travel agent. If you ask, they will often tell you about upcoming deals or possible specials on flight to your final destination.

Although flights to Amsterdam are quite popular, there are also great deals available for flights into other cities in The Netherlands. If you are planning to fly directly into Utrecht for your vacation, you will have the advantage of a quieter airport than the mammoth Amsterdam airport. If you plan to make your final stay in Utrecht, then you will also enjoy the convenience of landing close to your hotel. If, instead of flying into Amsterdam or Utrecht, you plan a flight to Rotterdam, you will be close to the city and close to all of the great Rotterdam action. A flight to Rotterdam can sometimes be less expensive than a flight to Amsterdam, though usually a flight to Amsterdam will be the less expensive of the two.

In addition to finding a cheap flight into The Netherlands, travelers will also need to be sure and bring their passport, adults and children alike. Travelers will not need any kind of vaccinations to enter The Netherlands, but it is usually a good idea to exchange some money at the airport for taxis and shopping at the beginning of your trip. The main form of currency in The Netherlands is the Euro. While there aren"t limits on the amoung of foreign currency you can bring into the country, you will usually get the best deal on the exchange rate by exchanging your money at a bank or ATM.

Transportation from the airports is generally convenient. Taxis are available, and most of the airports are serviced by the local train service. If you do plan to rent a car in The Netherlands, you can also do that at the larger airports in The Netherlands. Although it can be possible to get a last minute reservation on a rental car, it is usually best to plan your car rental in advance. Also, be sure to check the hours of operation for the airport rental car offices. Although your flight may land in the wee hours of the morning, the office with your car may not be open. It is a good idea to be sure and check ahead. Once you have landed, though, many of your worries will be over. The beauty of The Netherlands and all of the wonderful attractions, including the world-famous canals and the Van Gogh Museum, await you.

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