Albert Cuypstraat Street

The Albert Cuyp Market, located on Albert Cuyp Street, is a chaotic and popular market in Amsterdam. The Albert Cuyp Market is ideal both for shopping and sightseeing in Amsterdam, and continues to top the list of the most fun Amsterdam things to do. The Albert Cuyp Street Market is perfect for a day trip through the city, or just a fun place to go to people watch or have lunch.

The market was named for Albert Cuyp, a 17th century painter, and is located in the De Pijp area of the city of Amsterdam. The market itself has been in existence at least as long, and was actually started by street vendors selling their wares ad hoc. It was not until 1905 that the government set up an official market on the street. Though the market was only open at first on Saturday nights, a few years later it was opened to the public 6 full days a week.

Due to the heavy pedestrian traffic, the market is not open to any motorized traffic during market hours. Sightseeing in Amsterdam is incredibly popular, and the market serves the purpose of providing many of Amsterdam’s citizens with fresh produce and goods as well. By some estimates, the Albert Cuyp Market is the busiest market in all of the Netherlands, and possibly is the largest daytime market in Europe.

Among Amsterdam things to do, Cuyp Market is a favorite. Not only is the market the perfect place for sightseeing in Amsterdam, but travelers will find deals on a wide range of products, food and goods. A selection of vegetables, fruit and locally caught fish can be purchased at the market. Often times, high-end items such as electronics, including cameras, can also be purchased at the market.

Along with produce and everyday goods, the market also has a strong presence among the citizens of Amsterdam who come from other countries or cultures. In particular, Suriname, Antilles, Turkey and Morocco are well represented. For travelers looking for the best Amsterdam things to do, the market can also be a fun place to pick up some goods originating in other parts of Europe and Asia.

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