Amsterdam Canals

The Amsterdam canals are a set of waterways that make their way through the city itself that eventually let out in the North Sea. No trip to Amsterdam is complete without a tour by boat or some other water bound adventure along the canals. Indeed, the Amsterdam canals are impossible to miss on any trip to the city, and a Netherlands tour of the canals is a great way to see the city.

If you are short on time, one great way to combine a tour of the city’s best museums with a trip through the canal is by booking an Amsterdam canal tour that travels to museums. The museum Amsterdam canal tour goes from museum to museum and will usually last an entire day. Food is not generally provided, though ample time for lunch at the various museum cafes is. Check out the Museumplein and some of the other great museums in Amsterdam this way.

Amsterdam canal tours can also take the shape of a simple canal tour led by a knowledgeable guide. Amsterdam canal cruises of this sort can be enjoyed in an open-top boat or a glass enclosed boat. Though the open-top Amsterdam canal cruises can be less expensive and quite fun on a warm sunny day, the glass enclosed Amsterdam canal cruises are actually the more popular of the two. Typical Amsterdam canal cruises will take travelers past a number of attractions, including the Floating Cat House, which is an abandoned house which has become home to more than 100 stray cats. Travelers will also see the largest home on the canals that is still occupied by private residences, as well as the narrowest home on the Amsterdam canals.

If you choose to head to the Amsterdam canal street Red Light district, you will likely be greeted by what is actually one of the prettiest neighborhoods in the city. Despite the hardcore shops and legalized prostitution that rules the neighborhood, the glowing red windows and tiny red lights that cover the classic old brick buildings make the Amsterdam canal street Red Light district an attractive neighborhood. The Amsterdam canal street red light district is actually quite a safe neighborhood, as well.

A tour of the canals is a great way to spend a day or even just an afternoon in Amsterdam. Tours by boat, water taxi, or even water bike can be a great way to see this city in all of its 17th century glory. The Amsterdam canals are one of the highlights of the city and continue to reflect the beauty of the city both during the day and at night. If you plan to book passage with a tour company for a boat ride through the canal, you can do so online in advance or in person once you arrive in the city.



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