Amsterdam Coffee Shops

Despite the name, Amsterdam coffee shops are not actually places to go and sip on a cup of coffee or tea. Coffee shops in Amsterdam are places where cannabis is openly sold and smoked and, as many experienced travelers know, Amsterdam coffee shops are one of the major draws to Amsterdam. Coffee shops are legally allowed to store up to 500 grams of marijuana and can legally sell up to 5 grams to any one customer.

Amsterdam coffee shops can be found all over the city and despite the casual feel there are a few spoken and unspoken rules. You must be at least 18 years old to enter coffee shops in Amsterdam, and you should bring along ID, as shops will often check. Rarely will travelers find an Amsterdam coffee shop that sells alcohol. Most shops do not have a liquor license, and it is not acceptable to bring your own. Although you can bring your own bag to smoke from, it is not permissible to sell goods in the shops. If you do bring your own rather than buying from the Amsterdam coffee shop, be sure to buy a snack or something else sold at the store. You should also note that loitering is actually not welcome in an Amsterdam coffee shop, so once you’ve enjoyed your share it is customary to move along.

For tourists new to the world of legal marijuana, coffee shops in Amsterdam can be quite an experience. There are all types of coffee shops in Amsterdam, from shops with a calm, relaxed feel to shops painted in bright psychedelic colors or playing loud music. If you are looking for a certain type of shop or experience, be sure to walk around. There are plenty of shops to choose from and usually you won’t have much trouble finding the right shop to suit your needs.

Many of the most popular Amsterdam coffee shops will be found around the canal districts of the city. Map of the canals are widely available, as are directories showing the various coffee shop options. There are also plenty of Amsterdam coffee shops in the suburbs of Amsterdam, which require only a short drive. Depending on what sort of Amsterdam hotel or Amsterdam vacation rental you’ll be staying in, you’ll be able to look up in advance which coffee shops will be located close to your area.

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