Amsterdam Rentals

For travelers who plan to spend more than a few nights in Amsterdam, Amsterdam vacation rentals can be a great option. Generally, Amsterdam vacation rentals apartments come fully furnished and can be quite affordable for longer stays. Most Amsterdam vacation rentals will have some kind of minimum number of nights that guests may stay, usually around five nights. For vacations of a week or more, Amsterdam vacation rentals are an excellent choice and a great way to feel somewhat at home in the city.

Many Amsterdam vacation rentals apartments are available through companies who specialize in providing such apartment-style accommodation. Many of theses Amsterdam vacation rentals apartments are one and two bedroom apartments featuring many of the same amenities you might expect from your own apartment back home. Fully equipped bathrooms and furnished bedrooms will be included, as well as a fully equipped kitchen with places for storing food and utensils for cooking. Although many of the downtown Amsterdam rental property spots tend to be on the small side, they usually have the advantage of great views of the Amsterdam canals below.

There are also a number of luxury Amsterdam rentals to be found in the city. One popular option is the rental of a houseboat in Amsterdam, found in the canals and locks of Amsterdam. For the most part, houseboats are luxuriously furnished and can be quite large, with some able to accommodate as many as 20 persons.

If a houseboat isn’t quite your style, there are also some beautiful luxury Amsterdam rentals located right in the city. Luxury Amsterdam rentals are generally furnished in a simple Dutch style, and offer spacious accommodations for multiple people. While this type of Amsterdam rental property will be more expensive than studio apartment rental, it can be the perfect choice for travelers who will be in Amsterdam for an extended period of time. The homey feeling and upscale furnishings are elegant and cozy, and give a traveler the feeling of being at home in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam rental property of most price levels will include TV, and sometimes internet and cable service. All will include fully furnished kitchens and bathrooms, and all will give travelers a sense of getting to know the city of Amsterdam by being a part of the action.

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