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Finding a good Amsterdam guide for your trip to the Netherlands is a good way to familiarize yourself with the area before arriving. In addition to general Amsterdam guides to the city, there are also more specific guides, including Amsterdam coffee shop guides and Amsterdam hotel guides.

Amsterdam coffee shop guides list the various coffee shops located throughout the city, and usually include a map to show you where they are. It is helpful to look for an Amsterdam coffee shop guide that gives specific information about the various coffee shops themselves. Hours of operation and the style of coffee shop are important components of an Amsterdam guide. To locate an Amsterdam coffee shop guide, head to the city’s tourist center or just stop by a coffee shop. Most will have copies of a guide of some sort. You can also find guides online or in bookstores before you travel if you want to get a head start on planning your trip.

Amsterdam hotel guides can also be a helpful resource for your vacation. If you plan to stay at more than one hotel in Amsterdam, or even travel throughout the entirety of the Netherlands, an Amsterdam hotel guide can be priceless. A good Amsterdam hotel guide will include information regarding the various hotels, as well as pricing information and any special situations that hotel guests may need to be aware of. Amsterdam hotel guides should also include information about where the various hotels are located, including a map to show travelers how to get there. Hotel guides can also provide important information about hotel rules, hours of operation, and any discounts that may be offered by the hotel. Some hotels and youth hostels offer discounts to travelers.

Amsterdam guides can also cover popular attractions such as museums. The city of Amsterdam is home to more than 40 museums, and there are plenty of different types of guides geared toward helping you navigate them all if you choose. While the largest and most popular museums are found at the Museumplein, there are also a number of popular museums that are smaller and offered specialized views of various subjects. You can tour the museums through a canal tour, or just visit them at your own pace. If you do visit them on your own, you will find that an Amsterdam guide to the museums of Amsterdam is a useful resource.

Because the city of Amsterdam is so popular among tourists and has so many things to do and see, there are a number of great guides available that range from the very specific to more general guides that cover hotels and attractions throughout the entire city and even throughout the entirety of the Netherlands.

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