Bikes in Amsterdam

One thing many travelers notice when they arrive in Amsterdam is that there are hundreds of bikes in Amsterdam. Amsterdam bikes are one of the primary methods of transportation in the city and account for much of the city’s traffic. As such, there are specific rules of the road for bikes in Amsterdam and things a potential biker in Amsterdam should know before strapping on a helmet and heading out on a trail or road for an Amsterdam bike tour.

For instance, anyone riding bikes in Amsterdam must use the designated cycle lanes and cycle paths that are indicated by a round blue sign with a white bike icon, an icon on the asphalt, or by red asphalt. Use of these lanes is mandatory for Amsterdam bikes. Amsterdam bikes must also obey the same traffic signs as motorists, unless otherwise posted. While on an Amsterdam bike tour, you may encounter spots where there is no cycle path, and in this case you should use the regular road. Another important note for Amsterdam bike tours is that bicycles must have working front and rear lights. Reflectors aren’t sufficient, and you may be fined for cycling in the dark without a light, so when choosing a bike rental Amsterdam offers, be sure that it has regulation lights.

Finding the bike rental Amsterdam offers is usually a simple chore. Many hotels will actually have bikes right on sight, and this is a great way to find a rental. Some hotels will also offer discounts on bike rental, which can be a nice bonus. Some hotels have hour limits on the amount of time that a bike can be rented, so be sure to check in advance to avoid fines. The bike rental Amsterdam offers can also be located by checking with a local rental shop. This is a good option if you think you will be using your bike for multiple days or for the duration of your vacation. In this way, you can often save money by renting a bike for use over a number of days.

Bike theft is a serious problem in the Netherlands, especially around train stations, and in Amsterdam. In general, use 2 locks of different kinds in order to foil thieves who specialize in a particular kind of lock, or carry equipment best suited to one kind of lock. Ideally, you should lock the bike to a lamppost or similar. Bike thieves have been known to simply pickup unattached bikes and load them into a pickup truck.

Traveling by bike can be one of the best ways to see the city of Amsterdam. By bike, you can travel to almost all of the best attractions in Amsterdam, including the Albert Cuypstraat Market, Rijksmuseum, Café Americain, Vincent Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Canals, Museumplein, Dam and Amsterdam Coffee Shops. The number of attractions you see depends only on how fast your legs can take you there.

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