Cafe Americain

The Café Americain is the oldest Grand Café in the Netherlands, and was originally constructed in 1902. Café Americain is located inside the famous Amsterdam American Hotel, and both venues are listed as national historic landmarks. Café Americain features stained-glass windows, enormous antique chandeliers, and a collection of precious art and notable murals. Even if you don’t plan to stay at the Amsterdam American Hotel, a trip to the Amsterdam Cafe is a great idea as part of a day trip or even just for a quick lunch.

The Amsterdam American Hotel is one of the most beautiful structures in the Netherlands as well as in Europe. Due to its status as a national historic landmark, chances are good that it will retain its gothic appearance for years to come. The hotel was designed by Willem Kromhout in the early 20th century, and the American Hotel Amsterdam has been drawing sightseers and tourists ever since.

Cafe Americain has an ever-changing menu. Like many restuarants in Europe, travelers will find that the menu depends on the season and will change depending on the freshest available ingredients. Non-seasonal items, like bread, beverages, and pasta, will be on the menu throughout the year. Menu items will usually surround a theme, such as game. For instance, a game menu will include appetizers, sides, soups and salads meant to complement various types of games, such as pigeon or other wild fowl. The Cafe also features a breakfast buffet year round, as well as vegetarian options all year long. A la carte lunch and dinner is served throughout the year, as well.

If you plan to stay at the American Hotel Amsterdam, you likely won’t be able to resist having lunch or dinner at the Amsterdam Café. Experienced Europe travelers from around the globe continue to rave about the Amsterdam Café as one of the most elegant, well serviced restaurants on the entire continent. If you will be in Amsterdam, you owe it to yourself to go and confirm this for yourself. As you might imagine, fare at the American Café tends to be on the pricier side, so plan ahead if you do plan to dine here. You will also do well to make reservations in advance, particularly for dinner.

Another lovely aspect of staying at the American Hotel Amsterdam is its proximity to some of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam. Views of the Singelgracht and Leidseplein abound, and the hotel is not far from the Museumplein and a number of excellent Amsterdam coffee shops. The Amsterdam American Hotel is only a short taxi ride to the Albert Cuyp Market and plenty of other great things to do in Amsterdam.

Staying overnight at the American Amsterdam Hotel will put you in a perfect place to enjoy all that Amsterdam has to offer. Since the hotel is quite glamorous and well known, there is also a good chance that you might see a rock star or two. The hotel is quite popular among rock stars and other famous people with cash to burn through. Even if you aren’t staying yourself, a lunch or tour of the hotel can be quite a lot of fun.

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