Cruises to Scandinavia

If you plan to book a Holland cruise or any other type of cruises to Scandinavia, you are in for a treat. The breathtaking views and diverse landscape traversed while onboard cruises to Scandinavia are unlike almost anything else in the world. In addition to the great views, there are a number of luxury cruises to Scandinavia that make getting there just as much fun as arriving.

One of the most popular cruises to Scandinavia is a trip to celebrate the Northern Lights Festival. Travelers will arrive in time to greet the returning sun along with the citizens of the town. An international music festival is only the beginning. Artists from around the world also make their way north for the festival. Much of the cruise itself will be under the cover of night, helping travelers join in the excitement when greeting the season of the sun.

In addition to cruises to see the Northern Lights, travelers can also cruise to Amsterdam. A cruise to Amsterdam can be a great way to enter the city and begin your Amsterdam vacation. Many of the most popular ships for a cruise to Amsterdam are very comfortable. Passengers onboard an Amsterdam cruise will often have access to an extensive wine list, five-course dinners and impeccably comfortable rooms. As with all cruise ship accommodation, rooms on an Amsterdam cruise tend to be on the smaller side. However, many Amsterdam cruise ships have spa service, full bar and grills, as well as workout facilities and more.

Holland cruises can also include trips to some of the other popular cities in the area. The Hague is also a popular port for a Holland cruise and sees thousands of cruise visitors each year. A cruise to Amsterdam will take travelers in through the large harbor near the city and quite close to the canals.

Depending on where you are coming from, cruises to Scandinavia can reveal an incredible amount of surprising scenery. Glaciers, the Northern lights, and more can all be a part of your cruise to Amsterdam. If you are planning on a cruise to Amsterdam, you will arrive at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, located near the Centraal Station and within easy walking distance of a number of forms of transportation to take you to your Amsterdam hotel or Amsterdam vacation rental. Once you’ve settled in, be sure to take another sort of cruise- along the canals. You can also head to the Museumplein or just grab a bite to eat on your first day in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

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